Design Tips for Banners that Yield Results

Banners have evolved from the traditional cut-vinyl to printed banners using large format inkjet printers. However, they remain reliable in conveying a message, reaching out to big audiences and potential customers and advertising businesses. To make it effective, you should consider several factors. Design is crucial to the success of your banner. It should be visible from afar, readable and memorable. Here are tips to make your banner produce positive results.

Consider the intended place to hang it

Banner placement is a good start when designing a banner that stands out. You are probably thinking of a high traffic area or right in front of your store. If your banner will be competing with many other banners, you should think about how it will stand out from the rest. If you are placing it in a poorly lit space, consider using bright contrasting colours. In any case, the location affects your choice of colour scheme and the whole design. The location, such as how far will your banner be from viewers, also determines the proper sizing.

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Use large, bold, readable text

Your banner’s first goal is to attract attention from a distance, so make sure the text is large and readable. Aside from size, the weights of the fonts matter as well. When choosing fonts, readability is a priority, so set aside flamboyant ones. Bold and simple fonts are always the way to go.

Keep your message short and on point

Think of the very important message you want your reader to know and decide how to construct phrases in a way that will keep your audience engaged. People might only have a very limited time to read your message, so be smart and creative in writing it. Simplicity is the key, so eliminate unnecessary words.

Make use of high quality images

Images should be 300 dpi and usually in CMYK format. If you are not sure, your printing agency will tell you the best way to use an image. For uniqueness, why not use your own image instead of downloading one online. Be creative in using images that can convey your message without reading the text.

Use appropriate colours

Integrate the colours of your brand. The background should have an impact on the colour of your text and images. The colour combination is crucial in making your banner easy to read and attractive. Bright reds, yellows and oranges are common because they draw attention easily, but they have to be paired with the right shades.

Include a call to action

Include your contact information and social media account details. You can be tactful with this by writing text that evokes a response or an emotion.

Carefully designed banners can go a long way to get your message across to your targeted audience. Use them to your advantage but be sure to sit down and plan the design carefully. Technological advancements have already made it easy to create graphics and banner displays, but it is still easy to get lost and lose sight of the essentials. Keep your layout clean and choose the best printing agency to execute your design, such as


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