Have a Blog? Here’s How You Can Keep It Safe From Hackers

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world with a blog, whether it’s for business or for personal thoughts, it’s imperative to protect all the content you have created over the years along with the loyal following of readers you have built up. Unfortunately, these days many people end up in a frustrating situation where their blog is hacked, and they lose not only content but also time and… Read more »

Vape Coil Building for Beginners

If you enjoy vaping with mods and customizing your devices, you may be itching to go the extra mile by building your own coils. Whether you’re interested in saving money or you simply want to start a productive hobby, coil building is a great way to enjoy your oil vaporizer pen. Here are some easy tips to start building your own coils.

Get the Necessary Tools and Parts

Make… Read more »

How to Beat Data Breach Denial

Data breach denial is a leading cause of cybercrime. The concept is simply the fact that many businesses underestimate or dismiss the importance of cybersecurity. As a result, they under-invest in protections and contingencies. Then, when an attack inevitably occurs, the damage cuts as deep as possible. There are few people who deny cybercrime entirely. A wave of high-profile and large-scale attacks has proven how wide this threat runs. But there are many people who… Read more »

4 Reasons to Buy a Used Pickup Truck for Your Next Vehicle

With pickup trucks claiming some of the top spots when it comes to the most popular type of vehicles sold over the summer months, there’s no denying that they’re a huge hit with drivers all over the world. Having grown in popularity over the past few years, owning a pickup truck is both fun, useful, and even a bit of a status symbol in some circles. Originally designed for heavy work such as hauling, towing,… Read more »

Creating Engaging Product Videos for Ecommerce

Have you ever found yourself clicking through the same three product photographs while shopping online, hoping a better angle will somehow materialize? While crystal clear, HD photographs are an important component of online sales; they’re not the final frontier for visual content. This is increasingly true as mobile commerce (“m-commerce”) becomes the preferred shopping method for busy consumers on the go.

Video Ups Conversions

Creating engaging product videos for ecommerce gives customers… Read more »

How to Connect Better With Your Younger Audience

Young adults and youth are an important part of the market for many businesses around the world, but with a younger generation brings some issues such as how best to engage with them. A lot has changed since the invention of the Internet and since the popularity of the smartphone has increased, the way in which people engage with brands is really different. For those teens and young adults who have grown up in a… Read more »

How well do you know your vehicle badges?

We see them all of the time but just how much do you know about the badges associated with some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers? To find out, take this fun quiz by quality used vans specialist Van Monster — you’ll be surprised at some of the aspects you have overlooked. We’ve also provided you with some background information about each badge in the answers to help you understand the history of the… Read more »

How to Be More Eco Friendly With Your Car

Many of us are growing more concerned about the environment and this concern is changing our choices. We’re saying no to plastic bags, we’re recycling more and we’re choosing to be more conscious in our decisions. If you’re a car owner like I am, you may have spent a fair bit of time considering the implications on the environment of using your car. As I’m single, often when I use my car it’s just to… Read more »

Creating an engaging website

Your website matters to your bottom line. As of 2014, over 80% of buyers researched purchases online first. Over 70% of local searches by shoppers resulted in a local store visit, and almost 80% resulted in in-store purchases. There are over 100 billion searches on Google each month. Make sure when your customers go looking for products or services, you’re there to supply what they need.

Understand your customer

An engaging website… Read more »

A Productive Rant About the Risks of Starting a Business

There are plenty of risks to starting your own business, and this does put a lot of people off of even trying. Starting your own business can put you in a much stronger economic position – but is it really worth all the risk? And is there really that much risk?


It’s no secret that a lot of start-up businesses fail; some sources say that over half of them do within five… Read more »