3 Tips Experienced Travelers Have Been Hiding

Travelers try to live a life of simplicity. Their number one goal? Don’t stop traveling. Make sure to always be on the search for new destination. Explore every destination as much as possible

Many travelers keep a journey, some of them even publish it as travel blogs to share with the world.

No matter which group the traveler is in, many of them keep some of their best secluded places for themselves.

That special place can be a diamond in the rough – unspoilt by streams of tourists flooding them year round. Sometimes, these gems are not even hidden. As obvious as they are, the everyday tourist hasn’t found them yet.

We’ve twisted some arms, and got 3 travelers to speak up – what are their best kept travel secrets?

We got answers that have amazed us – here they are!

On a European Tour: Rent a campervan!

Europe may be a small continent, but it is packed with diverse nations, cultures and landscapes.  In order to sink in as much as possible, you need be on the move a lot.

Changing flights, staying on airports and wasting time away on waiting for the next means of transportation consumes a lot of your precious time. One interesting solution is going with a mobile home for your stay.

Our traveler’s secret is renting a campervan in Slovenia, a beautiful small country located between Austria and Italy.

Slovenia is a great example of wonderful nature that includes both the Julian Alps and Adriatic sea on side, and romantic urban destinations such as its capital Ljubljana.

To rent your campervan you can choose among different services, such are Vanvoyage that offers modern and well-equiped vans for short-term lettings to roam around Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

Going Down Under: Go on A Ski Trip in Thredbo

Your first association may not be skiing in Australia, but this large country-continent offers just about everything you can imagine from a travel point of view.

Sure, its mild climate does make you think about beaches and surfing. Still, the ski resorts in Australia are one of the best in the world.

Mountain Kosciuszko is the home of Australia’s highest peak and one of their best ski resorts – Thredbo.

For a quick overview of what Thredbo has to offer, you can just have a quick search and find many apartments in Thredbo to book right away.

Heading Far East: Discovering Palau Islands of Micronesia

Palau islands is everything but not easily accessible. This location-wise issue has been hindering swarming tourists of flooding this paradise archipelago.

Located in the Philippine Sea, some 2200 kilometres north of Darwin, Palau archipelago is as secluded as it gets. Tropical forests, beautiful rock islands, coconut and breadfruit is what awaits those who dare to visit it.

Take the plunge to visit any of the Palau’s beaches and expect to surround yourself of corals, sharks, sea turtles, chamber nautiluses and just about everything dreamy.