4 Road Trip Tips You Need for This Summer

Is there anything better than having the windows down while the sunshines in brightly through the windows? Your car is filled with friends and you are headed off for a long weekend road trip. This is how some of my favourite memories begin and it’s a perfect recipe for a memorable trip away. There are 4 simple tips that can transform any road trip from fun to amazing:

1. A Safe Car
If your car is more than 10 years old, it may be time to think about upgrading. Of course you don’t need to just in order to go on a road trip, but bare in mind after this age you tend to see a lot more issues such as breakdowns and expensive repairs. Not only does the car start to wear down and cost you money, it probably isn’t as comfortable as it once was. Consider buying a better used car that you can use for your next road trip, if it’s newer it probably has extra safety features as well as a more efficient engine, which can save you a lot of money especially on longer trips.

2. A Great Playlist
Spotify makes it easy to have a great playlist or five on your phone. Just be careful, though, depending on where you are headed you may find there’s no cell phone coverage, forcing you to listen to fuzzy radio stations. Download the music to your phone so no matter where you are, you have a constant streams of great tunes. Don’t forget to include a few sing along classics into the mix as they can be really hilarious and keep the mood upbeat.

3.  Snacks
Take some healthy snacks along with you, as well as some tasty ones. You’ll be surprised how bad the snacks can be in petrol stations so think ahead and buy some fruit, nuts, and health bars from the supermarket. Not only will they be healthier, but you can snack on any left overs when you reach your destination. I’m one of those people who get hangry if my blood sugar level drops, so be smart and be prepared! It’s just better for everyone.

4. Take Some Cards
Not to play in the car, unless you’re really brave, but take some cards so you can play some games with your friend when you arrive. Too often these days everyone is glued to their phones. By taking some cards you can make sure everyone’s fully paying attention to each other. If you want a card game that’s a bit different, consider Cards Against Humanity – it can be really funny but is only for those with a bit more crass sense of humour.