15 Unique E-mail Contact Forms in Website Layouts

The first chance you have to make an impression with a client is often when they initially decide to contact you through your website. This is why having a unique, easy to use contact form makes all the difference. Start the conversation out right by putting one of these memorable, unique contact forms in your website layout.

1. Many Contacts

This unique contact form creator is great for business and personal websites. It has a sleek, clean design and is among the few form-builders that offer drop-down menus. You can customize the color, text, and buttons, meaning it’s versatile enough for nearly any website.

2. PHP Form

PHP Form is a web-based PHP application that exports HTML forms for use on your website or blog. This is great if you have a web hosting plan that favors HTML5 over other coding. There are 20 colors to choose from with PHP form, so design integration shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Form Assembly

If you are conducting business worldwide, as many online shopping, educational, and blog-based sites are, then you may want a multiple-language contact form. This is an often-overlooked area in contact forms, but it can widen your audience exponentially. Form Assembly allows you to install your form 30 languages, which are detectable by the identifiers in your visitor’s browser.


4. reFormed

If you want a highly unique, modern form then look no further than reFormed. The advantage of this contact form is that its design elements can be customized to match your existing site. This is great if you didn’t plan for a contact form prior to building your website. reFormed is a HTML5 contact form generator, so it should work great with any web hosting. Use this form to create a seamless way for users to get in touch.

5. HTML Basix

If you appreciate minimalist design, and just need a basic form for users to contact you, HTML Basix is your best bet. Quick loading, and skipping all the frills, users looking for efficiency will be glad to see this basic, versatile form. This contact form has four fields by default, and works great for just about any site.

6. Creative Contact Form

This form is Joomla-specific, but is highly advanced as contact forms go. It includes a Google Maps module, ReCaptcha and Image Captcha and for added security and spam prevention. Creative Contact Form uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create a unique form for any website.

7. JetPack

This contact form for WordPress sites is an excellent choice for any site that needs multiple contact forms. That’s because it installs as a plugin that allows you to add forms to any page on your site with a single click. You can add or remove fields with this unique contact form, and even designate specific fields as required, causing a re-load for users who leave your marked fields empty.

8. Call Me Back Form

This Joomla form is designed to let users schedule calls with you, a unique feature among contact forms. It has field validation, and permits full customization. This form is free and couldn’t be easier to get set up, as it’s a Joomla extension.


9. WG Ajax Contato

This unique contact form from the Joomla Extension Directory uses your SMTP server to quickly send email to your designated address. This form advertises its high loading speed, and works great for today’s impatient web. WG Ajax Contato offers ReCaptcha, so you can avoid bot-produced spam and spend more time corresponding with potential clients.

10. Pearman Contact Form

The Pearman contact form works great for any business that needs a simple name-and-message email. It includes a general business background image with a phone, trophy and desk. The best feature it has, aside from it’s clean, professional aesthetic, is the information box, which may encourage visitors to use your preferred alternate contact methods. Use this contact form as digital business card to encourage visitors to get up with you hassle-free.

11. Foundation Six

The foundation six contact form, created by Dave Ruiz at CMDSpace, works well for any service-orientated business. Use this unique, clean contact form to let visitors request quotes and more information about your company. By default this form has fields for your visitor’s name, email, website, but also the nature, scope and budget details for their project.

12. Kisko Labs Contact Form

Having error correcting in your contact form will prevent your inbox from filling with erroneous, unfinished, or spammy emails. Kisko Labs offers this feature in their basic, general-business contact form. The form comes in black and grey by default, with name, email and message fields. It checks emails for proper formatting and doesn’t allow submissions with empty fields.

13. Foxy Form

Create your own downloadable HTML/CSS form using the simple Foxy Form builder. This free online application allows you to create up to 4 custom fields for users to submit information to your site. Foxy Form also allows you to customize the colors of your form by choosing from an HTML color table.

14. 123 Contact Form

This contact form works best for websites with newsletters. It has the basic email and name fields, but also an option for users to choose either text or HTML versions of your newsletter. It only takes a few steps to setup the backend to add users to specific mailing lists, so that you can ensure the correct type of newsletter formatting reaches your audience.

15. Better Contact Form

This unique contact form is responsive, meaning it will adapt to your screen size, and therefore looks great on any computer or mobile device. Stop loosing business to forms with fields cut-off by screen size, or giving bad impressions with ill-fitting forms and tables. Better Contact Form is built using Ajax and HTML5.

Having a unique contact form in your website layout can really set you apart from the bland, boring competition. Make sure you have web hosting that allows you the freedom to install a unique contact form for your website or blog.

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