3 Factors to Look For in an Equipment Supplier

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that your equipment suppliers are vital to the success of your business. If your equipment supplier isn’t up to scratch, then your business may suffer as a result, leaving you with delays, unhappy customers and potentially lost revenue. To try to help you navigate this problem, we’ve listed three things that you should look for in an equipment supplier.


Customer Service

Just like with any business, customer service should be a key priority. You’ll need to have a great relationship with your equipment suppliers, as they’re providing you with complex equipment that’s vital for your business’s success.

Due to the fact that your supplier is going to be providing you with quite complex equipment (and potentially equipment that you’re not technically savvy about), you’ll need to ensure that you can communicate with them regularly. Hopefully you don’t encounter any problems with their products or services but, in case the worst should happen, you should be certain that they’re available to help. If not, it could be costing your business money.



If one of your servers or computers breaks or malfunctions, then you’ll need help… and fast. Due to this, you need your supplier’s distribution to be top of the range, with next day delivery available wherever possible. Any time that you’re without a machine, your company is either losing money or not functioning properly, so don’t take the risk. Companies such as Pinnacle get 96% of their orders delivered the next day, so there really is no excuse.



Finally, consider the price of the company that you’re using and be willing to shop around in order to find the best deal. By shopping around, you may find a quote that’s far better than you ever imagined it to be.

Although you may want the fastest possible distribution and the highest possible level of customer service, you also need to be aware that these come at a cost and may mean that the cheapest quote isn’t the best one that you receive. In order to work out which is the best for you, you’ll have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis that weighs up prices against services. In doing this, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Just make sure you don’t go with the first company you see!

To conclude, there are a number of different factors you should consider when looking for a new equipment supplier, these are just our top three, but be sure to consider them carefully.

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