3 Things You Should Do Before Setting Off for the Airport

We all try our best to follow the advice we are given and arrive at the airport two hours or more before our flight. And while we all have the best intensions of doing this, many of us set off before realising all the things that we’ve left behind. The thing about airports is that once you’re through security there is no way to turn around and run home for the favourite top that you forgot to pack. So we’ve come up with a list of three things you need to do before you set off for the airport, making sure that there’s no need to turn back.


Make a List of Everything You Need

Everybody has the tendency to be forgetful, especially when packing to go on holiday. So instead of putting yourself in the situation of possibly forgetting a necessary item, make a list, preferably with tick boxes. When you put an item in your bag you can tick it off the list, and then when panicking that you’ve misplaced the item, you can check back to your list for peace of mind. Not only is a list great for setting off on holiday, but while you’re there you will know exactly what you’ve taken and so need to take home with you. Use this website to generate an online list for your holiday, saving you lots of time.


Book Your Transport or Parking

Make sure you’ve planned how you’re getting to the airport well in advance of the day itself. Many people choose to take a taxi, but for some this can be an expensive option, along with being inconvenient when returning home. We suggest you drive to the airport and book a parking space before you go. Not only will it take the stress out of getting to the airport but it will also save you some money. Check out this website for great prices on great prices on long term parking at Glasgow airport, you’ll be glad that you booked in advance.


Print Off Your Boarding Pass

When arriving at the airport it immediately puts you in a bad mood upon seeing the massive queues at the check in desk. So avoid them completely by printing your boarding pass off online. Most airlines offer this service to allow you even less stress when arriving at the airport. With your printed boarding pass, you can skip the check in queues (unless you have baggage for the hold) and go straight to security.

Airports don’t have to be the stress that many people make them out to be, in fact they should be an exciting start to your trip ahead. There is no better feeling than speeding down the runway and being lifted into the air knowing that you’re off to an exciting location for a great adventure. So use our three tips of things that you should do before setting off for the airport and your experience will be stress free, easy and hopefully enjoyable.

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