3 Tips for Finding a Great Office

If you are running a business or if you are planning on opening a new one soon, then one of the things you will have to definitely think of is finding a great office for lease. For some, this is easy. But for the largest majority of the people out there, it is anything but easy. In fact, finding the perfect office should not be a thing you do in a hurry and it should not be something you rush into. Take your time and acknowledge the fact that you will probably want to use the same office for a long time from now, so you have to make it be as close to your ideal as possible. Here are the 3 most important things you should certainly bear in mind when trying to find offices for lease:


1.     The location of your office is extremely important. Really, it is. While when choosing a home for you and your family you will look for safe and pretty locations, you should be doing somewhat the same thing with your office as well. There are at least two perspectives from which the location of your new office will be important. The first one is your clients. Will your office be accessible? Will it be visible? Is it in a place that actually sends off the right message about your business? You may not even be aware of how much these things matter – until you lose them or until you miss out on them.

Furthermore, you should also choose a location that is good for your most important employees. Your executive members don’t want to travel hours to work – thus, you will either have to provide them with nearby accommodation or choose an office that somehow satisfies everyone.


2.     How large the office is should be another criterion when selecting it. Many of the business owners make the mistake of choosing an office based on the size of their current company. However, you should think further than that. While it is not a good idea to rent an office that is twice the size of what you actually need, you should certainly look into the option of extending it at one point in the future. Will you have this option? If not, think again on whether or not you really want that office you had set your eyes upon.

Furthermore, don’t think of the size of your office only in terms of the office proper. Think parking. You don’t want your employees (and yourself, for that matter) parking in illegal areas and constantly getting fined for it, do you?

3.     Look out for the hidden things. For instance, pay attention to any kind of hidden costs that may arise along the way. Also, make sure your lease contract will be very well created and that it will allow you to extend your lease when it expires without you having to pay much more for the renegotiation terms as well. All these things really do make the difference in the end, so keep your eyes open!

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