3 top tips to sort out your weight – and avoid surgery

Going under the knife must be one of the more terrifying experiences you can suffer – yet an increasing number of people head into surgery for self-inflicted problems.

Witness the man in Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary Super Size Me, who had liposuction after his weight gain hit critical levels. While exercise and an improved diet would have helped many of his woes, he chose the easier route towards a thinner waistline.

It’s a story growing increasingly common. Along with our bloated stomachs and risky fast food binges, the energy to improve our diet is waning.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to muster the energy for a healthy and balanced way of living. We’ve come up with a few – take a look and you’ll hit good health in an all-natural way.


Ditch that double chin

Bruce Forsyth might have always struggled with his massive chin, but at least his wasn’t in double figures. Indeed, the double chin is more than an unfortunate style – it’s a sign that you need to shed a few pounds.

All that exercise, however, will take time and patience. What you need is a quick fix that can cover your chin while you remove that fat.

Some creams on the high street make bold claims – “A wonder cure”, “Guaranteed results”, “Miraculous” – but few that shoot for the moon hit a bull’s eye.

Vie for a cream that knows how to get rid of a double chin and doesn’t look suspect. In a market drowning in snake oil, there are still a few top-notch products out there.


The exercise trick

You stand up from your chair to exercise but all you can see in your mind’s eye is lounging and stretching and, oh my goodness, it all just seems so tiring when Game of Thrones is waiting patiently on your DVR and you can remember the phone number for Domino’s pizza off by heart.

That doesn’t mean exercising should be set aside for the day. All you need is some motivation.

Find a few specifics that can get you moving. Before you start flexing your muscles, play your favourite album and try to exercise until it finishes.

Alternatively, arrange a treat system for yourself. Trade one hour of exercise for one episode of Game of Thrones. With a reward in view, you’ll power your way through that hour with ease.

A power diet

You hated fruit and veg when you were a kid – but when you’re an adult, swerving health foods will lead to dire consequences.

Fill your diet with at least five portions of fruit and veg a day and you’ll balance that diet out – and lose calories in the process.

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