4 Essential Items for the Perfect Beach Holiday

Summer is on its way and that means lots of us will be hanging out for a beach holiday. There are really few things better in life than sitting along a beautiful beach, looking out to the ocean with a delicious drink in hand. For some, they might prefer a little more action on the beach, such as kitesurfing, surfing, or even paddle boarding. Whatever your vice, beach holidays have a lot to offer those who are in desperate need of some serious sunshine. Here’s our list of 4 essential items you need for the perfect beach holiday:



1) Sunscreen

Yes, a tan might make you look more beautiful or healthier, but the simple fact is prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and there’s nothing glamorous about skin cancer. Some sun exposure is important, especially for the production of vitamin d, but the best way to do so is with some sunscreen or sunblock. You want to find one that is AT LEAST SPF 30, although 50+ is a safer option. Remember to apply frequently, especially if you shower, bath or are in the water as it will penetrate the sunscreen and impair it’s efficiency.

2) Adequate Water

It might seem weird to put water so high on this list when you’re at the beach and there’s a whole ocean there, but seriously make sure you stay hydrated. This is especially important if you’re visiting places that reach ridiculously high temperatures in the summer as heat stroke is a real risk. If you’re likely to be lounging on the beach with a cocktail or beer in hand, make sure you alternate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water here and there to prevent dehydration.



3) An Itinerary

For some of you the perfect beach itinerary might only go as far as taking your beach towel, a book and finding a nice place of sand to call your own for the next day – or week. For others you might want to mix up your beach holiday with as many activities as possible. If you’re into sports, such as surfing, you should have a look around and see what kind of beaches are best for the activities that you want to enjoy. Often the most popular beaches tend to be best for families and those who want to relax by the ocean, while the more adventurous beaches are often tucked away – do your research so you don’t find yourself disappointed.

4) Some Accessories

If you’re traveling with young children, don’t forget to bring the token bucket and shovel. Yes, it’s cliche but it will allow their creativity to flourish and should allow you enough time to relax and unwind before they feel a bit more. You might want to bring a lightweight fold up chair, a sun umbrella or even a blow up inflatable water floating bed to lay on. You can use it on the sand or out in the water – whatever works for you. In many beach resort places renting the sun beds to lay on is quite expensive, so this is a great alternative.

Beach holidays are a lot of fun, especially if you become properly prepared. Don’t forget anything on this list and we’re sure you’ll have a great holiday!

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