4 Proven Ways to Improve Your Management Style

If you are managing a big team, just a few people or even just yourself, you will need a style of management to help motivate your team and increase your performance. This can be anything from giving some reassuring and uplifting comments, giving yourself a pat on the back for any hard work done or setting up a structured routine so that everybody knows what they’re doing and when they have to do it.

Everybody has their own management style, but only a few succeed with it.

Give Back

Anything that you or those you are managing does which can enhance performance or profit should be rewarded. It may not be that they have gone into that line or work expecting to be rewarded for doing their job, but it’s always nice to show that you appreciate what they are doing; don’t have the frame of mind that they are only there for money and you can’t treat them for being exceptional at what they do. They will respect you more if you can get onto their level and give something back. And if you work for yourself? Know when you’ve done well and indulge yourself.

Get Organised

If you do a quick search online, there are resources for continuous performance management that can be referenced and referred to in order to work towards providing constructive feedback with your staff. This is what they want; a clear goal to work towards and the continued support to get there. You cannot organise a team, no matter how small, until you have organised yourself. These resources that are available help to monitor performance, plan meetings and collaborations and set actions to help combat any failings that may happen.

Delegate Well

Know which people are capable of what and who can give the best performance to achieve the best results. If you are aware that somebody is not good at leading but great at following orders, don’t put them in charge of a project – you will lose respect not only from those who are having to work under their loose command but the person who you have put in this position also. However, don’t take this to mean that you can’t stretch a person’s capabilities – just make sure you are aware of what they are actually capable of in the first place before you start handing out roles.

Don’t Take Credit

If your employees come up with a novel idea or one that is simply blowing everything else out of the water, don’t take the credit for it. It’s so easy to do, especially if you are the face of the business, but it is something that will be noted by those working for you and lessen their drive to succeed. Give credit where it’s due and celebrate  their personal achievement with them, and make sure that your other employees are in on the celebrations too – the next time something great happens, it could be them who’s making moves towards being the center of attention!


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