4 Tips for Getting a Date

For most of the people out there, the dating scene is a true jungle in which you have to move fast to grab your “pray” and in which surviving an “attack” is, a lot of times, close to impossible. Getting a date is certainly not an easy task, but the truth is that everybody can do it. Men naturally have this hunting instinct and once you find yours, you will also find it much, much easier to get great dates. Here are some of the best tips on how to get a date that you will definitely enjoy:


1. Be straight up.

If you like a girl you know, go to her and ask her out. Don’t wait for much long, for the dreaded “friend zone” is just around the corner, lurking in the dark to “steal” your girl. If you like a girl you do not actually know, simply go to her and start a conversation. It could be about coffee, rain or the weather in Japan – it does not really matter as long as you feel that she would be into it. Then, just ask her out. Try not to creep around her and be self-confident because this matters more than anything else.

2. Look nice.

We cannot all look like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp and this is certainly not the point of dating anyway. But you should take care of your body as much as possible. Exercise with regularity, dress nicely (not necessarily expensive, but tasteful anyway) and smell nice. You may have absolutely no idea how much your scent can matter for a lady so do make sure to invest money in a very good deodorant, such as Lynx body spray, that will ensure you that you are fresh and nice smelling all day long.


3. Be a gentleman.

Seriously, no matter how much of a feminist a woman might be, she will still enjoy a man who knows how to treat her. This should not mean that you should act like she is your property in any way, but simply saying “please” and “thank you”, complimenting and opening the doors can mean a lot.

4. Smile.

It has been actually proven that smiling makes people friendlier and that it makes them appear friendlier in the eyes of the other people as well. This means that when you smile you have more chances of actually “landing” a date than when you are serious. Make sure your smile is subtle and cute and that you are not simply grinning – because that would most likely freak out a woman (and even more so if she doesn’t know you).

The most important tip is to relax – there’s no rush to finding a date and if you use these tips we’re certain you’ll find one in no time at all.

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