4 Tips for Instantly Brightening Up Your Home

Your home is a special place, it is after all where you spend your time unwinding and entertaining friends and family. As such, you want your home to be as comfortable as possible and the truth is it doesn’t have to cost a lot to brighten up your home. A few simple changes can make a really big different to the atmosphere and comfort of your home. Here are my thrifty tips for brightening up your home and turning it into your dream home.

1) Fresh Flowers

Not only do fresh flowers look good, they smell divine. I think one of the consequences of our modern lives is that we do not spend enough time outdoors, interacting with nature. Thankfully you can bring a little bit of nature back into the home, in a very inexpensive way. Check out these flowers for under $100 that are gorgeous and would easily transform any room.

2) Bright Cushions

Cushions are pretty cheap, especially if you make your own covers and are a great way to personalise furniture. You don’t need to reserve cushions for just couches, either, they work well on kitchen chairs, beds, wherever you think could do with a little brightening up. The other great thing about cushions is that they are really comfortable, especially if you’re contemplating a nap on your couch.

3) A Piece of Art

Now art is subjective and everyone’s tastes differ, so it’s more important to find a piece of art (or two) that really resonate with you. There are lots of ways to purchase art, from shopping online to buying prints of your favourite pieces at heavily reduced rates. If you have any children in your family, why not commission a bright colourful piece and let their imagination run wild? Or if you have your own creative flair, why not create your own piece of art to perfectly compliment your home.

4) Family Photos

We live in a digital world and while there are countless benefits to our modern lives, one thing I think we could do more of is turning our digital photos into prints. So many of our most precious memories tend to just be saved on a computer hard drive, no where to be seen. You can get really creative with cool photo frames of different sizes, colours and even shapes and make your own feature photo wall. This is a great way to brighten up your home while showcasing those you love the most.

Transforming your home doesn’t have to be expensive and with a little creative thinking you can make your home more comfortable without breaking the bank.

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