4 Ways to Dress Up Your Hallway

Long hallways are difficult to decorate. When left unattended, the spaces cause an odd sense of foreboding. You want to offset this perception by crafting an airy, not ominous, look. Discover four ways you can dress up your hallway.

Build a Photo Wall

One of the best ways to dispel the vibe of a scary hallway is to add a touch of home. Select a few of your favorite family photographs, finding the proper balance between classic images and recent cell-phone pictures. For the latter, select the most convenient way to print the modern photographs.

Now that you have a set of your favorite memories, visit a framing store to pick out some frames. This shopping trip will have specific criteria. You want to choose frames that match the color scheme of your hallway and the adjoining areas of your house. You also need to select bright colors that will draw attention away from the long hallway. That way, guests will forget the gloomy feel and focus instead on the lovely photographs of your family — a personal and inexpensive decorating solution.


Light the Path

The best way to avoid comparisons of your hallway with “The Shining” is by brightening the path. Adding a strand of gorgeous holiday lights from lighting sources such as Christmas Lights Etc will fundamentally alter the vibe.

You’ll find using holiday lights one of the easiest decorations imaginable. Buy a few strands of lights, then staple the lights every few feet to guarantee a sturdy bond. You’ll enjoy an illuminated hallway for years to come. Plus, when the holidays arrive, you’ve already partly decorated.

Change the Walls

Don’t overlook an obvious solution. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can change the vibe. You shouldn’t fall into the trap of conventional designs, however. Instead, select something that reflects who you are as a person. Do you love animated movies? Home Depot carries a complete line of Disney wallpaper. Alternately, you can buy Disney wall murals of your favorite animated characters.

If you’re an artist, you can skip the middleman and paint your own design directly on the walls. Consider combining some of these ideas to craft a distinctive hallway-walking experience for your guests. They’ll marvel at the artistry and creativity of your hallway.


Build a Focal Point

When decorating a hallway, think about your focal point. What will visitors see when they look down the hallway? Their line of sight naturally reaches a point at the end. Rather than worry about the other parts of the path, prioritize that spot.

Decorate the focal point with something that grabs the eye. Consider something novel, such as commemorative plates or a giant Fathead of your favorite athlete. If you’re struggling to bring attention to that spot, add variant lighting in unusual colors. The lighting will work as a spotlight effect for your centerpiece at the end of the hallway.

Your hallway doesn’t have to offer a scary vibe. Follow the tips above to draw attention to something that better reflects you and your home.

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