5 Big Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Whether floods, forest fires, or an energy market crisis, the impact of climate change is there for all to see. It has moved from the newspaper’s side feature to the front-page headlines.

But you don’t have to sit with horror and watch this drama unfold. Each of us can make changes to our lives to help fight this threat. And a clear difference we can make as homeowners is to switch to solar energy.

Is the switch to solar worth it? Here, we’ll take you through the top five benefits of installing solar panels in your home.

1. Solar Panels Can Significantly Reduce Your Utility Bills

Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy offers a house owner significant savings.

Fossil fuels currently cost around 5-17 cents (per kWh). However, switching to some of the best solar panels could reduce that figure down to 3-6 cents.

Fossil fuels are an increasingly scarce resource, so you should expect your household bills to rise if relying on these traditional energy sources.

By switching to solar, you can lower your bills now and protect yourself against energy market volatility in the future. You can get more information on installation costs at Blue Raven Solar.

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2. You Are Helping Fight Climate Change

Climate change projections make for a scary bedtime story for our next generation.

In some of the direst predictions, parts of Earth become inhabitable.

Millions face disasters such as flooding, and hundreds of animal species could become extinct. Beautiful tropical islands could disappear forever due to rising sea levels.

Now is the time to act.

While many of us feel powerless to get countries and businesses to change their ways, we can start by making a change at home. Switching to a renewable energy source like solar is one positive impact you can make.

3. It Adds Value to Your Property

We’ve already mentioned how effective solar power reduces your energy bills. But what does the addition of solar panels do for your house value?

You could argue that having already invested in a solar power installation, you can push up the asking price on your home when it comes to selling.

Lower energy bills are an attractive prospect for any potential buyer. And it could help you sell your house faster.

4. Solar Energy Is Reliable

Did you know that solar panels work without direct sunlight? So you’ll still get plenty of regular, cheap, and reliable power from your panels even when you live in a cloudy country.

Advances in solar panel technology also mean that some of the most high-tech types of solar panels have excellent efficiency ratings as high as 20%. And as this technology continues to develop, that number will get higher.

5. You Could Receive Government Tax Rebates

The biggest known drawback of solar power is the upfront installation cost.

It does take a sizeable investment to add solar panels to your home. You won’t recoup that cost overnight, even with fantastic reductions in your monthly energy bill.

Governments worldwide understand this, so many have set up initiatives to subsidize the installation costs to tempt households to switch over to solar.

Check out your local state department for information on any grants or tax relief programs.

Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

Installing solar panels might come with an initial expense. But when you consider the long-term cost savings and the other great benefits of solar panels, you can see why it is a potentially smart move right now.

For more information on how you can reduce your living expenses, why not check out our hacks section for lots of practical tips?

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