5 Don’t Miss Seafood Festivals in the US

What can be more scrumptious than an entire summer filled with seafood festivals? Here is a list of five outstanding seafood fests that you should not miss:


1. The Maine Lobster Feast — Rockland, Maine

In late July, seafood lovers from around the world tuck into the Maine Lobster Fest, where they enjoy 20,000-plus pounds of fresh Maine lobster, as well as lobster crate races, music, and cooking contests. This festival stretches its buttery goodness over a five-day period, and this past year, it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

If you are someone who loves seafood, then this is the perfect event for you. The sad part about this festival is that it only lasts for five days. For year round enjoyment of lobster and fresh seafood, the Lobster Place invites you to visit them online where you can recreate the Maine Lobster Feast whenever you want.

2. Crab Days — St. Michaels, MD

Early August in St. Michaels, Maryland, brings the Crab Days celebration, put on by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. While the seafood and crab are delicious, there are quite a few other tidbits that will tantalize visitors. People enjoy the educational talks about the local fisheries and the people who harvest the seafood. There are also competitions for professional crab picking.


3. Shrimporee — Aransas Pass, Texas

In June, Aransas Pass, Texas, busts out the big shrimp nets, and people from all over pour into town to enjoy Shrimporee. This is a true festival with outstanding live music, great artisan beer, and of course, shrimp. Visitors to the festival can wander around and enjoy cooking competitions, shrimp peeling competitions, the carnival, or partake in all of the local and international beer available. What could be better than shrimp and beer?

4. Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival — National Harbor, MD

In mid-August, National Harbor comes alive with people who crave fresh crab and outstanding beer. This festival operates just a little differently from most seafood fests. Here, you buy a ticket that grants you access to four hours’ worth of all the crab legs you can eat and a huge selection of outstanding beers to try. Besides a feast of crab, the festival also offers a wonderful choice of other foods.


5. Bodega Seafood, Art and Wine Festival — Bodega, Calif.

California may not come to mind as a seafood haven, but Bodega is about to change your mind. The festival takes place in late August and sits amid the rural and rustic landscape of Northern California. Bodega is a few hours by car from San Francisco.

Expect to experience an entire art and food-filled weekend. Northern California offers some of the world’s best beer, wine, and art. Come and enjoy the best of California.  Here, it is all about oysters, shrimp, and crab. Bring a bib, because it gets messy!

East Coast, West Coast, or in the middle, there is plenty of lip-smacking good seafood and festival fun available during the summer. Which festival is your favorite? You’d have to try them all, and you should do just that.

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