5 Essential Interior Decor Tips for a Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Creating a comfortable bedroom for a teenage boy has its own set of challenges. How do you make it personal, yet keep it functional? What about a teen’s constantly changing interests and style? Luckily, with things like new bedding and peel and stick wallpaper, you can make quick changes without too much effort or money. The key is to follow these five interior design suggestions that work for almost any teen boy’s bedroom.

Invest in Good Pieces

Solid, classic furniture is the best place to start. It may be time to upgrade your kids twin mattress to something more comfortable for a growing young adult, like a larger mattress and bedframe, if the square footage can accommodate it. Think about lighting as well; he may need a desk lamp for late-night studying or light near his bed in addition to one overhead.

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Create a Workspace

Make a dedicated space for schoolwork, including a desk, an ergonomic chair with good support, and shelving for storage of supplies and books. Vertical shelves or cubbies can make smart use of wall space and allow for easy organization. One cool idea is using black patterned wallpaper or vibrant paint to make an accent wall behind the desk that defines the study area with style.

Designate a Lounging Area

What age group is better at lying around with friends than teenagers? Boys should appreciate comfy seating, such as bean bags, a futon, or casual chairs, for hanging out with buddies or playing video games. Shop for some cute and soft plush toys to decorate this space. From giant teddy bears to mini bunnies, plush toys add an extra layer of comfiness. Decide whether you are comfortable with a television in your sons bedroom and if so, add it to space so they can goof around without monopolizing your family room. You may want to consider lofting the bed in a small room to take advantage of that free space for a sitting area.

Upgrade the Storage

Shelves, multipurpose furniture, closet organizers, and under-bed bins can make a huge difference in a growing boys room. Aside from clothing and a large collection of sneakers, teenagers should have space for stuff related to their interests or hobbies, whether they are books, video games, trophies, sports equipment, or art supplies. The more storage space in a teen boys room, the less likely he is to toss everything on the floor. At least, that is one theory, but perhaps it may work in your home.

Collaborate With Him

When it comes to décors such as bed linens, paint colors, and even acrylic wall art, consult with your teenager to see what he likes. He may prefer certain fabrics or styles that are not exactly your taste, and that is okay. Find bedding that is easy to clean and reflects his interests. After all, it is his room, and he may take better care of it if he has input on how it looks.

When you redo your sons room so that it grows with him, you are showing him you understand the need for a safe space all his own, one where he can be free from the pressures of school, friends, and the future. 

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