5 In-Demand Skills That Will Get You Hired After Graduation

It’s no secret that finding a new job takes time, perseverance, and dedication. After graduation, you feel ready to conquer the world. Getting that dream job seems like the next logical step, but because of an unstable economy, fierce competition from other graduates, and those already in the work force, it can be a challenge. However, displaying these in-demand skills on your CV or at the job interview will help you get hired.


1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

The keystone of any business is creating a solution to your target market’s problems. If you are able to identify the problems and create solutions, managers and executives will value you as an employee. During the interview, describe a time when you used critical thinking to solve a problem. Discuss how this positively affected the team or company you worked for.

2. Social Media Marketing

Ten years ago, there was no such thing as a social media marketer. Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that does not have someone managing their social media accounts. In fact, according to Payscale, social media marketing was the most in-demand job in 2013.

Social media allows companies to attract potential clients by encouraging readers to share their content and business information with their friends, thereby extending the company’s reach. If you have a personal social media account, you can learn many of the features you’ll need on the job. If you want to learn the business end, create a business profile to become familiar with the tools and interface you would use in the position.

3. Active Listening

Active listening is not only an incredibly desirable skill; it will also increase the likelihood you’ll be hired after the interview.

Being an active listener is not hard. Give your full attention to the person who is speaking. Be sure to acknowledge you are listening by nodding and keeping your body posture open (no crossed arms or legs). Ask questions and request clarification so the interviewer knows you are following. Finally, respond with straightforward, genuine answers to their questions. After you land the job, your team will value your ability to listen, learn, and act as a team player.


4. Judgment and Decision Making

After your first few weeks on the job, managers expect you to make important decisions on your own. They want employees who can review relevant material, use their judgment, and make effective decisions. Because time is money, indecision will not suffice. Effective leaders are able to make a decision and create the processes to follow through with it. In your cover letter to possible employers, highlight experiences where you made a crucial decision and describe the results of the decision both by quantitive and qualitative measures.

5. Mobile and Software Development

While skills like marketing, problem solving, and decision making are important in many job roles, a technical skill sets you ahead of the crowd due to the time and commitment needed to master it. Because consumers expect top notch websites and apps that are ready to load on their phones, tablets, and computers, many companies are eager to hire people with mobile and software development knowledge. If you would like to add this into your arsenal, try a university or online course.

Bear in mind that this is a relatively new career path based on very new technologies (the iPhone was only launched in 2007), so going back to school may be required in order to acquire the development skills required. There’s an excellent article on Randstad about improving your qualifications as a post grad that’s well worth reading.

Make Yourself Stand Out, and You’ll Land That Job

Companies want employees with degrees and relevant past experiences, so you need to carefully consider the job you are applying for and highlight your skills as they pertain to each individual job. Your CV will stand out and impress potential employers, ensuring that you land your first job after graduation.

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