5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A New Home

Building your own home is one of the most rewarding tasks that anyone can undertake. You can see an idea of yours blossom, from the bricks and mortar all the way up to the plumbing and lights.

But, it can be a minefield at times. It goes without saying that buying a home is much simpler – you have less to worry about! If you’re considering building a house, then you’ve made a good decision – just avoid these five critical mistakes.


It could end up like this…


1. Letting someone dictate your design

Whether it’s the builders, architects or even your family, don’t let them make the decisions for you. This is your house, and your baby. You deserve to design it the way you see fit! You have to focus on what you want to see. After all, you’ll be living here for many years.

2. Opting for cheaper labor

There are builders that cost around $1,000 a week, and then there are luxury home builders, that cost more but do a better job. It’s tempting to opt for the cheaper labor when building a home, but why? The cost of building the house will be a lot lower than the cost of repairing a structurally weak wall.

Simply put, this endeavor is not going to be cheap. You have to put your all into it, to make sure you receive a product that’s both safe, tidy and structurally sound.

3. Not enough windows

Natural lighting is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it makes any home feel fresh and airy, and removes any feelings of stuffiness. Secondly, it helps you save on your energy bills, as you can use the sun to heat and light your home.

This in mind, make sure you build with plenty of windows. Factor in skylights, too; have one in the attic to make that room feel a little less dinghy. You will also want a window in the bathroom – one that opens. You must be able to air out the bathroom and get rid of any condensation.


Don’t forget the windows!

4. Not visiting the site during construction

We’ve all seen those TV programs where someone arrives at their new home blindfolded. It must be a nice surprise to be seeing the finished product for the first time, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

In fact, I’d recommend exactly the opposite. I’d have weekly (or even more frequently) checkups on the site during construction, so you can be sure everything’s going to plan. Imagine the builders put the windows in the wrong place, or don’t lay the wall correctly. How would you be able to tell if you only saw the finished house?

You wouldn’t. Checkups allow you to inform the workers of any changes you need to make on the fly. You won’t be able to change much when it’s done!

5. Putting rooms in the wrong place

The placement of your rooms is critical. Imagine if you put the kitchen nowhere near a point of entry. You’d have to lug your shopping from the car, through the front door and into the kitchen every time. It will eventually get on your nerves, but it can be avoided.

Similarly, you may want to keep your bedroom near the nursery, or next door to the bathroom for nighttime trips. Bedrooms also need to be away from any main roads or noisy passageways. Make sure you factor all this in before the build begins.


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