6 Simple & Easy Ways to Improve Your Business

With the year off to a flying start and the wintery months well and truly behind us, now is the perfect time to look for ways in which you can improve your business. Whether it be improving staff productivity levels or looking into growth and expansion. It’s always key to explore the different possibilities for success, below we’ve outlined some of the top things we think you should look into if you’re looking for a ‘spring kick’.

1. Publicity and Gaining Visibility

If your company will support a charitable event, then you will have made a very good decision of helping others and “giving back” to society. Yet, what you may not know is that you can ask the charitable event’s organisers to mention your name at the beginning of the event as well as on posters, roller banner stands  and on other products that will be shared with the guests that attend that event. All in all, this can definitely create a lot of visibility for your brand and it can put you out there the same way as advertising would.

2. Set Goals

Be Realistic. If you’re a small business with 5 employees it’s probably a little extreme to think you’re going to grow to 50+ employees by next week. Small targets and goals can really help and set you up for the long term plan. Think about what you want to achieve in the next 9 or 12 months and take things from there, maybe in the next 3 months you want to grow your team by three members and in two years you want your team to double in size. The bigger the goal the bigger the plan you need to put in place to address how it’s going to work.


3. Staff Training

Training courses are a great way of boosting motivation across your team. Not only will you see the results from your staff’s work but your employee’s will probably be feeling better valued. It’s a win-win situation for your business and acts as a great boost for all your team. Whether you want to send your IT department on a specialised course to gain an IT Certification or you want your marketing team to explore a social media one. Maybe you want to focus on a course that your whole organisation can work on together – there’s plenty of things out there so be sure to do your research.

4. Create a unique structure.

It may not seem like the obvious way to improve your business, but by looking into how your staff work on a daily basis productivity levels as a whole could be improved. By implementing different structures your staff could not only get through more work on a day, but also create better and higher quality work. Whether you want to split your day into two and have different work prioritised through the day, or you want to work in 90 minute splits – having an approach like this can bring in fresh ideas and improve motivation.


5. Get on top of your emails

It’s one of the things we love to put off the most – reading and replying to our emails. We let them build up to a point where we need to waste a full morning just ploughing through them all. But why is this the case? A good way to tackle this is to prioritise emails as they come in, the one’s you know are going to take longer – star them and put them into your calendar, or to do list to go back to when you have more time. The one’s you know you can tackle straight away – do that! It may seem easier said than done but just think how great it would be to leave the office on a Friday knowing you have everything under control.

6. Take Breaks!

You deserve them. Whether you book a Friday and a Monday off to embark on a long weekend or you work through your lunch and finish early on a Friday. Balance is key to succeeding with your business.

Take these quick and simple steps on board when looking at improving your business, and watch the ways in which you grow!

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