5 Tips to Create Your Own Website

Have you been thinking about creating your own website? Well, it might seem intimidating at first – especially when you deal with the codes and all the necessary computer stuff that you have to do. But that can be learned and it can be quite fun to create your own website. Just like everything else in life, it begins with the first step. If you need help before you begin with your project, this post is just for you.



Find a purpose

Why do you want to create a website in the first place? Are you doing it for fun? Are you doing it for business? Narrow down a single purpose and start from there. Finding a purpose should make it easier for you to come up with a concept for your website.

Make a concept

You need to do loads of research it. There are plenty of websites in the internet world – tons of them, in fact. It is hard to create something that is original these days. You don’t want your website to be exactly the same with other websites. Think of Friendster and Facebook. They’re both social media sites but one is certainly better than the other. To make it short, you need to have an ace card; make something that is distinctively unique in your website. You have to find your own niche.

Browse through websites with a similar concept to the one you’re thinking of creating. List all the things that you like about these websites and the stuff you don’t like about them. You can focus about your dislikes and come up with a plan on how to improve them. That is, perhaps, how you develop your niche.



Have a target audience

This part goes side by side with making a concept. Who are the people that are going to browse your website? Are they teenagers, pre-teens, or adults? Are you aiming to create something for a general audience? You need to answer these questions so that you create something that is in line with a specific theme.

Having a target audience is also a good strategy to market your website. Satisfy the needs of one, specific target audience, and chances are it would propel you to reach other audience groups as well.

Find popular hosting sites

Making a domain name is important. It is after all the name of your website. Don’t make it too complex because it might for your viewers to remember your website’s name. But you can’t make it too easy either. Most of the easy ones are already taken. What’s more important than coming up with a domain name is to find a hosting site that will support your website. Be prepared with a budget because you might have to pay. Of course, some hosting sites are free but they have limited features. Some hosting sites are: WordPress, Google Sites, Drupal, etc.

Be computer savvy

Of course. When you create your website, you need to know how to work with codes. As said earlier, it can be learned. If you’re not confident with your coding skills, then you ask someone to help you.

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