5 Top Cities For Moving Abroad

Have you ever sat and daydreamed about living in a different country? Yep, us too. Most days in fact! The thrill of waking up in a new environment, immersed in a different culture gives us a buzz of excitement. Packing up, and moving abroad is a big decision, and not one you should take lightly.

It’s also a very different process from choosing a holiday destination. Remember, you’ll need to find a job, maybe learn the language, and adopt the cultures and traditions. With that in mind, today we’re looking at some of the most popular expat locations.


1. Australia

The life down under is a little more relaxed than we’re used to. The weather is warmer, and life tastes a little bit sweeter. If you dream of spending weekends on the beach, with a barbecue, then Australia is perfect for you. You will need a strong visa to get into the country, and you’ll typically need a job waiting for you. But, it’s all worthwhile when you arrive. Slow down the pace of life, and move to Sydney or Melbourne.

2. Switzerland

If you feel more at home in the mountains than on the beaches, then consider Switzerland. Economically, it ranks at number one in the world (in relation to its population size). The wages here are higher than anywhere else, and the public services are among the best on the planet. Not to mention, you get to wake up with a view of the Alps every morning. Skiing, anyone?


3. Singapore

Singapore has long been a popular destination for expats. The reason is mostly economic. The country is a powerhouse for business and economics, with lots of job opportunity. If you’re a high-flyer looking to take things to the next level, consider it. Singapore is also well-suited for raising children, with one of the best education systems in the world. House prices aren’t too bad either. See for yourself at GreyLoft.com if you’re thinking about renting in this fantastic country.

4. France or Spain

There are few places as beautiful as the Mediterranean coastline. It’s what makes France and Spain such an alluring place for foreign settlers. The reliable warm weather, the wonderful food, and the relaxed pace of life make it a compelling proposition. After all, who can turn down French wine or Spanish seafood? If you love to indulge in the finer things in life, with the sun on your back, you’ll find a happy home here.


5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another great city for career types. Although the country is hugged by China geographically, Hong Kong has its own laws, and its own currency. The country is packed full of successful and ambitious expats, making higher wages than back home. There’s a thriving community out there, and the quality of life is at the top of the scale.

So, we’ve showed you our top destinations for moving abroad. Where would you choose, and why? There’s an entire planet out there, get out and see it all! What are you waiting for?


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