5 Ways to Host the Most Memorable Wedding Celebration

Your wedding day should be centered round the love you share with your partner. As the hosts, you may also want this epic celebration to be the talk of your guests for future years. But with the many weddings thrown by your family members, friends and co-workers throughout the years, you may wonder how to make your nuptials stand out from the rest of the crowd. The following are 5 tips to help you execute a wedding that you’ll never forget.


Personalize the Wedding

A marriage commitment is a life altering decision in a couple’s life. When you’re celebrating the big day, you want to make your own wedding unique from the others that you may have attended. Certain touches such as personalizing your programs with photos of your time together as a couple can prove heartwarming to those in attendance. Seating cards are a traditional standby to show guests their assigned seats. You can personalize your reception by displaying names and table numbers on vintage vegetable or flower seed packets.

Enlist the Help of the Experts

The Internet and interactive apps have a lot of information that can simplify and add to the greatness of your special day. You can start by putting together a website where you can post wedding related information such as a section for hotels, restaurants and a place where prospective guests can RSVP. If you want a hands-on experience, you can design your own professional wedding albums, photo gifts and picture books. When the wedding has culminated, you’ll be able to preserve those special memories and share them with your loved ones. Because you’ve had a hand in putting together the wedding book yourself, you’ll be able to save money and have the album personalized the way you want it to look.


Keep it Short and Sweet

Your loved ones are happy to be present at your wedding to watch you exchange vows. But you don’t want your guests to grow bored by drawn out proceedings. Excluding the entrance and exit, try to keep the ceremony between 20 and 30 minutes. To make the occasion more memorable, write your own vows in place of the traditional exchange. Toasts and speeches are another area that may bore your guests to tears. To ensure that the festivities move along smoothly, allow the speech givers a small amount of time to make their toasts.

Greet Your Guests

No matter if your guests have traveled a great distance or they’ve come a few miles away, it’s important to greet everyone and mingle. Although you’ll be busy with the traditional events such as wedding vows, the cake cutting and photos, find ways to spend time with your loved ones. This can be done while chatting over cocktails, visiting the various dinner tables or asking certain guests to cut loose while dancing.

Make Your Guests Comfy

Between the ceremony and reception, your guests will probably spend a significant time at your affair. To ensure their comfort, you may need to make small offerings throughout the day and evening. If you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony and reception, include umbrellas, wraps and bottled water. If there will be lots of walking from venue to venue and dancing after the ceremony, you may want to provide inexpensive comfy slippers or flip-flops for sore and tired feet.  A welcome basket for guests who will be coming out of town can be a great way to show your appreciation. For those staying in hotels, include water, snacks, maps and a listing of restaurants, coffee establishments and local attractions.

There’s a great deal of thought and effort that goes into planning a wedding. Although typical traditions can mark the momentous occasion, you may want to put your own unique stamp on the celebration with the above personalized touches.







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