5 Ways To Improve Fertility

Want to start a family of your own? Trying for a baby might not seem like hard work, but for some couple it can be. Before you get down to babymaking here are some methods that could boost your chances by improving your fertility.

Cut out painkillers

Whilst paracetamol and ibuprofen have their uses, you may have to consider grinning and bearing that headache whilst trying for a baby, as these types of painkillers can sometimes have contraceptive qualities. Chemicals in these pills suppress hormones called prostaglandins, which help release eggs into the fallopian tube. More natural forms of medication such as herbs and spices might be more suitable in the meantime.


Eat more oily fish

This one works for both partners. Omega 3 – commonly found in oily fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines – can reduce the risk of miscarriage and improve sperm quality. Most of us skimp out on fresh fish from our diets, when it has so many health benefits, one being the production of hormones. Put some fish on the grill and you may have a baby in the oven in no time.

Try acupuncture

You may be able to acupuncture infertility away. This ancient Chinese medicine has been shown to have many healing uses, and whilst not a proven method, there is a growing body of research supporting the fact that acupuncture can improve fertility in men and women. Whilst getting needles stuck in you may put some people off, the method is painless, drug-free and non-invasive.


Take more vitamins

Certain nutrients that you may not be getting enough of in your diet such as selenium, vitamin b-12 and folic acid are all essentially to increasing chances of pregnancy. You can alter your diet to include more of these vitamins (more nuts, shellfish and soya) or you can try taking a special multivitamin designed specifically for prenatal women.

No smoking

You’re not going to be able to smoke when you’re pregnant, so you might as well start quitting now. Female smokers have a 30% lower fertility rate than non-smokers, as it can prevent an embryo implanting the uterus. Men’s fertility is even more greatly affected by smoking, causing lower sperm counts and a 50% more likely chance of impotence.

Less alcohol and caffeine

Yes, all the good stuff has to go. For women, you won’t be drinking whilst you’re pregnant, so you may as well wean yourself off now. Drinking has been found to impair ovulation. For men, has an equal effect on sperm count.

On top of alcohol, caffeine can halve your chances of conception. Even having one coffee a day can reduce the activity of the fallopian tube muscles, essential to carrying eggs from the ovaries.

Needless to say drugs should also kicked on the head. Marijuana has been shown to affect ovulation and lower sperm counts. Try living as cleanly and chemical-free as possible, getting highs from exercise and being active (sex itself is a great serotonin booster – and of course you need this to make babies!).

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