5 Ways to Make Your International Business Event a Roaring Success

Whether it’s a product launch or a shareholder meeting, hosting an international business event is no easy feat. Organizers need to be full of zeal and fresh ideas if they want it to be a roaring success. Between traveling, ordering materials, and arranging hospitality for exhibitors, you can easily get overwhelmed and set up your event to be boring by design and experience.

Also, you have to deal with the fact that attendees and exhibitors now control the event by interacting and connecting. So what can you do to fulfill their expectations and build long-lasting relationships? Here are some tips help you host a successful international event.


1.  Make It Interactive

That should be your first goal. Attendees and exhibitors want live updates of the happenings, and tools that allow them to engage with the host and fellow attendees. A mobile event app that provides a single interface for attendees to connect, interact, learn and share their event experience is perhaps the most convenient option for organizers. This and similar technology can turn passive attendees into contributing participants through gamification, live polling, and other engaging activities.

2.  Hire A Multilingual Staff

Even if your product is geared towards English-speaking customers, you would make a great impression if the booth staff is able to speak multiple languages. This is particularly important if you’re organizing the event in a place like Europe, where event attendees likely speak multiple languages. In addition to being attentive, engaging and presentable, the staff should have a firm grip on demos, event schedule and ability to address questions.


3.  Partner With Local Businesses

Partnering with local companies that are recognized by attendees can help you create a bigger buzz for your event. Also, if you have a similar clientele, both businesses can benefit from the partnership. After the event, it’s possible that many of your partners’ customers become your regular clients. Contact local business organizations to find out which companies are located in the country you’re hosting the event in. And on the day of the event, all partners have the opportunity to bring in further attendees by leveraging location-based marketing.

4.  Use Technicians As Insurance

There would be lighting, visuals, audios, and other equipment to set up. Imagine if there’s a technical failure while someone is giving a keynote speech; that would put a dent in your endeavors. So it would be beneficial to hire technicians who ensure everything is set up correctly and in case something goes wrong, a skilled individual is available to solve the problem as soon as possible. The time saving and peace of mind you’d achieve would offset the cost of hiring technicians.


5.  Do Logistics Well

It’s an international event. Do you have an accurate count of how many people will be attending? Will attendees bring their peers along to watch the after-event performance? If the event is open-air (on an exotic beach for instance), would you need portable toilets or are WCs located conveniently? Since you could be dealing with an infrastructure and environment you’re not familiar with, have a plan B for everything to avoid logistics disasters on the day of the event. Order everything in advance and invest in some extras for unseen circumstances.

By taking these measures, you’ll be able to deliver considerable value at your event.


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