5 Ways To Make Your New Build Feel Like Home

For most young adults, the first step onto the property ladder starts with the purchase of a small home, whether it is an apartment or a small semi-detached home. The decision to buy before renting is naturally a difficult one, but this is one that fully establishes you as a responsible adult. Welcome into the world of grownups. While the choice of properties is varied. Young homeowners are often recommended to start with a small property so that they can climb the property ladder one step at a time.

When you are looking at small properties that would be associated with a valuable mortgage agreement, you rapidly discover that the choice is limited. Financial institutions prefer to support new homeowners in the purchase of a city apartment that is in a fully equipped and secured building, or a new build house that has the advantage of coming onto the real estate market with a warranty. Indeed, these two types of property offer significant guarantees of quality for new homeowners, who don’t need to consider any repair work for a little while. If you lead a busy and solitary lifestyle in town, an apartment is your best bet as a first home. But if you are looking to start a family, or if you already has through marriage or pregnancy, a new build house is the best option for your needs.

However, while they provide you with the quality of brand new materials and building techniques, new build homes present a not negligible challenge when you are trying to give them a soul. While decoration is important, it’s a difficult process in a completely new house. Here are some money saving tips on how to best decorate your nest:

The Decorating Problem With New Builds

New build homes are a favorite of new homeowners because they don’t require any maintenance or renovation work. They are ready to move in from the moment you receive the key, which is a great advantage compared to other types of property that need work to be planned and budgeted for. When you choose a new build house, from VisionOne Homes for example, you can even pick the house on plan or visit a similar property to gain an idea of how the house is or will be built. You sometimes even have the possibility to decide with the building company of the type of technology and appliances that you would like to be part of your future home, such as picking your kitchen and bathroom appliances to be installed for you. These are undeniable advantages of new build properties. But they also present an obvious decorating difficulty for new homeowners: New builds have a tendency to be plain and neutral in their decor. Indeed, they are built to be functional and are not lived in at the time of the purchase. Consequently, they can often appear cold and austere for those who are moving out of an older and much-loved location into what could be first described as a pile of emotionless cubes. The absence of a previous homeowner who would have loved the house and cared for it means that new builds lack charm and personality. But this is exactly why some clever decorating tips can help you to bring your home to life.

Start With Statement Accessories

The decoration of a new build home can be daunting: It is difficult to know where to start. So begin by setting a scene with some smart accessories to define the lines and angles of your future interior décor. Target bright and cheerful accessories that can help you to revive a room and cut through the monotony of a neutral and plain interior. Bright curtains and blinds are an elegant way of maximizing the window space in the room and giving it a warm feeling. You can be bold and adventurous in your choice of colours: It’s about creating an ambiance despite the plain scenery. Yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, lilac, and much more; don’t let anything stop your creativity. Similarly, using elegant cushions and throws on your furniture is also a great option to brighten up a room.  If you can, try to match the colours or patterns with other accessories to create a coordinated effect. In short, try to buy lampshades, rugs, picture frames, cushions and blinds together when you can. This will help you to be creative with your décor.

Break The Lines In The Room

The main problem that homeowners have when it comes to decorating their new build house is the difficulty to break the box effect. New builds are planned as simple and elegant shapes, which means that when left undecorated they can easily feel like a series of cubes and straight lines. While the clear design can be attractive, it also gives a very cold feeling to the place. This is why it is important to break the straight and clean lines of the house structure with some clever additions. Invest in a large mirror to create a new sense of depth and distort the boxing sensation in the room. Look for ceiling details, such as ceiling medallions or herringbone structures, to make your ceiling stand out and bring new lines to perspective. Being playful with dramatic shapes and furniture, such as an oversized bedhead, can also modify the space in the room.

Bring Life Into Your Home

There’s nothing that says a home with personality better than a green and luxuriant garden. Whether you choose some beautiful potted plants to keep in the conservatory, or whether you decide to invest in landscaping your outdoors, there are plenty of possibilities that are simple and affordable. Remember that the more you maximize the impact of nature into your home, the livelier it will seem. There’s no need to be a professional gardener to achieve great results either.

Bring Originality And Personality

It’s time to add textures and colours to your home. Look at creating colourful accents with a painted wall that will break the monotony of the cream or magnolia design of a new build. Here too you need to work by coordinating decorative elements, such as matching your cushion or blind colour. Adding patterned wallpaper is a great solution if you are trying to add a new perspective to a plain room. As a rule of the thumb, you can mix colourful features and wallpaper in your home as long as you try to coordinate each other. If you’re happy with the walls as they are, changing the carpet, such as a new carpet in the hall or on the staircase, can add a dramatic change of scenery.

Bring Yourself Into The Home

Finally, it’s time for you to come into the picture too. This is your home, and it should feel like it so. This calls for a frame of your favourite pictures, or even a wall detail entirely made in photo collage if you love DIY projects. If you don’t like the idea of surrounding yourself with old photos, you can still make your house feel more personal by bringing your preferred scents into the décor: Add flowers in a vase, buy a scented candles, use essential oil, etc. Finally, it’s not uncommon to mix old furniture with brand new models that you would have bought for the new home. Make it a little more warm and human by painting your old student chair or your set of shelves to give old items a new life.

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