6 Health “Fads” that are Surprisingly Beneficial

In the eagerness to lose weight and obtain better health, many people adopt the latest wild diets and purported health fixes. However, for all the tricks that claim they have the power to trim your waist, fix your flaws, and up your overall health, many are found as overrated or short-term answers.

However, some trends actually deserve a regular spot in your routine. Here are six popular health fads that can truly benefit you.

1. The DASH Diet


The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet focuses on key nutrients for lowering blood pressure: potassium, calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and fiber. Rather than restricting major food groups like the Atkins or even the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet focuses on narrowing the choices within each group.

That translates to fiber-rich vegetables and fruits and lean proteins with lower sodium intake and no fatty sweets.

2. Multiple Small Meals


Snacking triggers dangerous eating habits and packs on pounds. Instead of mindless binge snacking, opting to eat smaller, more frequent meals proves helpful in balancing an appetite and making smarter food choices.

Does that 10:00am stomach gurgle distract you at work every day? Eating five to six meals a day seems difficult at first, but eating small portions every four to six hours eliminates those bothersome hunger pangs. High-fiber, high-protein, and low-fat options are the best choices for your little meals.

3. Body Weight Training


Not all exercise requires a pricey gym membership or stressful weight training. In a restrictive economy, using your own body weight as resistance to build lean muscle, strength train, increase flexibility, and burn fat provides the perfect solution.

These exercises and stretches, generally falling into the calisthenics category, include push-ups, pull-ups, planks, squats, lunges, and jumping jacks. Without any equipment, you’ll improve muscular and cardiovascular health and lose inches.

For a group approach, classes such as yoga, bar fitness, and pilates also rely principally on body weight exercises to tone and sculpt muscles.

4. Coconut Oil


From coconut water to popular hair products, coconuts are commonplace in many households. They can even play a role in boosting your well-being. Specifically, coconut oil offers extreme health benefits.

The key to coconut oil is the high concentration of medicinal fatty acids. Virgin coconut oil added to a diet essentially helps every area of the body. Among many benefits, coconut oil lowers cholesterol, helps burn calories more efficiently, improves brain function, and moisturizes. Find more information at Bodyapplicators.com about the super-food’s incredible inner and outer body benefits.

5. Going Vegan


Though not for everyone, trying a safe and informed vegan diet proves helpful in lowering cholesterol and controlling blood pressure. Compared to both vegetarians and meat-eaters, vegans also tend to weigh less.

However, if you’re interested in veganism, you don’t need to make it a twenty-four seven dedication. Rather, as Mark Bittman’s popular health plan advises, eat vegan before 6:00pm (or vice versa). Since maintaining protein levels proves difficult in a vegan diet, especially for a novice to the lifestyle, this part-time routine ensures a wholly nutritional diet.

6. Dark Chocolate


When health magazines and nutritionists began advocating dark chocolate, most jumped on the trend with zero skepticism. However, while dark chocolate certainly satiates cravings and offers the benefit of antioxidants and endorphins, remember moderation and quality during that happy buzz.

Why dark? The fats in the cacao plant don’t contain many “bad” fats. When milk fat or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil come into the mix, harmful saturated fats and trans fat give chocolate its bad reputation.

A couple of dark chocolate squares a day may reduce heart attack and stroke risk, lower blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, and curb fatigue.

Eating well and exercise are essential to proper health. Don’t buy into every new health gimmick. Always research and head for the diets, products, and routines with proven results.


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