7 Signs You Need to Make a Major Life Change

Life is unpredictable. One minute you could be on the top of the world, and the next you could find yourself down and out with nowhere to turn. What’s great about life, however, is that we do have some control over it. Those who feel that their life is meaningless or no longer brings them joy have the power to change the course of their lives for the better. Below are some clear signs that you may need to give your life a makeover.

1.  You’re No Longer Happy

While every day isn’t going to be roses and sunshine, if you find that you’re unhappy nearly every day of your life then it is beneficial to make a life change. Try to search for what makes you happy, what gives you purpose, and what will help you to live a fulfilled life once again.

2.  You’re Drinking or Using Drugs to Mask the Pain

When you’re feeling helpless about your life, it can be pretty common to look to drugs and alcohol as a means of comfort. Although a drink here and there won’t hurt you, when it reaches the point that drugs and alcohol are what you believe you need to keep going or deal with your emotions, you need to get help. Does rehab work? When you realize you have a problem and are active in your treatment to recovery, yes, it can work well for you and give you a new outlook on life.

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3.  Your Live for Fridays

Everyone loves to get through the week, but if you’re wishing for Fridays on Sunday evenings, you may need to make a major life change. Does the Monday blues cause you to want to call in sick? Are you dealing with a lot of work-related stress? It may mean it’s time for a career change doing something that you’re passionate about instead of having a job just to pay the bills.

4.  Your Health is Deteriorating

Do you find that your physical and/or mental health is getting worse? Maybe you’re depressed more often or you find that you’re sick all the time. If so, you need to make some major life changes. This may include everything from dieting and exercising to talking with a therapist or seeking medical assistance. If you’re not at your physical and mental best, the quality of your life slowly starts to die.

5.  Your Jealous of What Others Have

Do you find that you’re not as happy as you used to be for your friends and family members when good things happen to them? Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that can eat you alive if you let it. If this is the case, it is a sign that you’re not happy with your life and therefore can’t see the happiness for others. You need to make a life change before your jealousy ruins a lot of friendships.

6.  You Long for Your Past

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the past instead of being hopeful about the future? While your past made you who you are, staying stuck in it could ruin your future. Start working on ways to brighten up your future that will help you to leave the past where it is.

7.  You Focus on Your Flaws Constantly

No one is perfect, but if you’ve gotten to the point that you’re always thinking about how flawed you are you’re not going to get far in life. You’ll need to make a major life change and adjust the way you see yourself. Instead of pointing out what is wrong with you (or at least what you feel is wrong) start thinking about everything that’s right.

The great thing about life is you control your destiny. If you’re tired of a job you’re working at, switch to a new one. If you’re in a hopeless relationship that’s holding you back, leave it. If you feel like you have too many flaws, start working on them. Most importantly, if you feel like life isn’t worth living, isn’t as meaningful as it used to be, or you simply feel depressed all the time, reach out to a professional for help at grabbing life by the horns.

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