7 Steps to DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning Advice

Dirty carpets can quickly become a health hazard. Carpet cleaning is an unappealing task for many of us. Numerous techniques can make this a breeze for you.  The experts from a local carpet cleaning company have shared with us the 7 easy steps to DIY carpet cleaning. The steps include:

    • Move the furniture
    • Vacuuming and cleaning
    • Give the room a pre-treatment
    • Get to know your machine
    • Begin cleaning
    • Carpet drying
    • Clean and put away equipment

Step 1. Move the furniture

Cleaning the carpet can be quite difficult when there is a lot of furniture in the way. To gain better access to the entire carpet area, you will need to move this furniture out of the way. This allows you a deeper clean and ensures all parts of the carpet are covered. Leaving them in place will leave the vast covered section unclean, and any existing germs and diseases will still be a danger to you.

Step 2. Vacuuming and cleaning

It would be best if you vacuum cleaned the entire room before beginning the carpet cleaning exercise. Wiping down surfaces would be an additional plus. This step is essential in eliminating loose dirt from gathering on other room fixtures. Use an adequately powered vacuum to make sure the room does not still have debris after cleaning. This exercise is vital in keeping the carpet clean after you clean it as that debris could fall back to the carpet. This debris can quickly undo all the work you have done.

Step 3. Give the room a pre-treatment

Are there any spills on your carpet? Carpets are not only vulnerable to dust and debris; quite often, we unknowingly spill stuff on our carpet floors. This pre-treatment procedure will complement your vacuuming and handle these stains. In most households, this would include the use of a water bottle and spray, almost like dry cleaning. This process is mostly used on stains and spots on the carpet. Stubborn stains can be easily weakened, making it easy for you to clean them out.

Step 4. Get to know your machine

Proceed to assemble all the equipment you will require for the cleaning job. You will probably need the relevant machines for an effective cleaning job. These may include:

  • Steamer
  • De-foamer
  • Carpet Shampoo

Once you have them assembled, proceed to figure out how each one of them can be properly and most efficiently used in your cleaning job. Professional recommends to utilize machine that has HEPA filter  to completely remove allergens such as dust, pollen and molds. You may also lookup carpet cleaning dos and don’ts. Those using carpet cleaning machines will need to figure out how they can best be utilized. Machines vary in terms of features, settings, and accessories. Get the right modes and fit the accompanying accessories properly for the best results.

Step 5. Begin cleaning

You may now begin the cleaning process. For this step to be extremely effective it would be ideal to start from a corner of the room and move in straight lines across the carpet. Restrict your movement to the unclean sections. This will make sure you do not undo your work. Clean slowly and precisely. Once the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, you can proceed to defoaming and drying.

Step 6. Carpet drying

To dry your carpet, you may use an efficient steamer. Leave the windows and doors, if possible, wide open to allow or proper ventilation and air circulation. Carpets will dry quickly given the appropriate conditions. Make sure it is dry before returning any piece of furniture or activities to your carpet. Poorly dried carpets may begin to smell due to their dampness.

Step 7. Clean and put away equipment

Once your carpet is clean and dry, you may return the removed furniture to their original position or take this opportunity to try out new arrangements to increase your room’s aesthetic appeal. Clean the equipment you used and store it properly for future use. In particular, clean your carpet machine’s tank and store it safely. This will make sure it is clean and ready for use the next time you want to clean.


Cleaning carpets is no longer a headache as it used to be. Various competent and convenient innovations have been put forward to make this a simple and even fun exercise. The steps above will make cleaning fast and way easier for you. For more similar information.


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