8 Undeniable Reasons You Should Move To France

I Live Up is all about travel and enjoying your time on this planet. There are so many beautiful and wonderful things out there, and we’ve barely scraped the surface. One thing we can tell you for sure, however, is that we love France. It’s the most romantic country on earth, and it’s not hard to see why. From the stunning and elegant capital city of Paris to the immaculate south coast, it’s the perfect destination. It has the best food, the best wine, and the best fashion sense. We’ve been lucky enough to visit France on a number of occasions, but what about making the ultimate decision. What about moving there permanently?

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we have visited countless countries. We’ve written about each and every one, and found beauty in every place we’ve visited. But, France is one of the only countries where we thought “This is it, we could live here”. France is the perfect place to emigrate to, and find a new, more relaxed pace of life. If you need more convincing, here are 8 more fantastic reasons you should consider it.


1. The Food

We only really need one reason to move to France: the food. The country is famous for its cuisine and foody heritage. All the classic dishes originate in France, and the finest chefs on the planet all share a common passport. However, it’s not just the fine dining and classic dishes that get us excited. It’s the simple, everyday food that convinced us. The simple smell of fresh bread on the streets. The huge variety of soft, delicious cheeses on every corner. The best crepes in the world. Croissants, pastries, and the humble Croque Monsieur. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

2. The Wine

If there’s one thing that France does better than anyone else, it’s wine. In fact, they have a vast, and world-famous wine region dedicated to outdoing the rest of the planet. There is, of course, the famous Champagne region where the original and best sparkling wine originates. There is also Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Loire Valley to explore. The vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, and the landscape is dotted with quaint villages and cottages. If you read the Home Hunts French property buying guide, you can take a look at buying property in these regions. The wine country is relaxed, quiet, and easily accessible.


3. Paris

Need we give you any better reason than Paris itself? The capital city is unique and spectacular in equal measure. It’s one of the cities where the reality is better than any photograph, story, or imagination. As soon as you arrive, you feel overwhelmed by the beauty and culture of the city. The Eiffel Tower proudly stands over the city, towering above the quaint renaissance buildings. It’s one of the best-kept cities in the west, managing to avoid high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Paris retains the quaint French ambience, but you get all the benefits of living in a big city. Paris is home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world too.

4. Coffee and Cafe Culture

We’ve already looked at the wonderful food and wine that France has to offer. But, we couldn’t possible leave out the traditional French coffee. Despite competition from the Italians, the French still know how to brew a rich, strong coffee. You’ll also find a cafe on every corner in Paris. They are traditional, elegant coffee shops, and you’ll struggle to find a Starbucks! But, why would you want to? When you have the best baristas in the quaintest cafes at your disposal. The culture is laid-back, and you’ll spend half your mornings in the cafes. Perfect!


5. A Relaxed Working Life

The French take a more ambivalent approach to the working week. They understand that life is about living. It’s about enjoying yourself, and finding a work-life balance that is heavy on the ‘life’ side! Their working week is just 35 hours long, by law! Working any longer than that is subject to overtime. They also give employees five weeks of paid leave every year. The entire country works at a slightly slower pace, so the culture is relaxed.

6. Mountains On Your Doorstep

The French Alps are among the most spectacular sights on the planet. Nestled in the east of the country, they are easily accessible from Paris and the south coast. It’s perfect for a spot of weekend skiing or hiking in the mountains. In fact, some of the finest ski resorts are located right here in France. The famous Three Valleys are located here, as well as Chamonix, Tignes, and Val-d’Isere. Many have hosted the Winter Olympics, and Chamonix had the pleasure of hosting the first ever event.


7. The South Coast & Riviera

The famous Riviera has a long history of elegance, class, and luxury! The likes of Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes are hot-spot destinations for the rich and famous. Here, you’ll find decadent casinos and yachts as far as the eye can see! The Cannes film festival is a true highlight of the year, with Hollywood’s finest descending on the south coast. As for Monaco and Monte Carlo, they host one of the most famous Formula 1 races on the circuit.

8. The Fashion

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the major fashion capitals of the world. Many of the best designers have emerged from its streets, and fashion is a way of life here. The city is perhaps only rivaled by New York or London when it comes to fashionistas. If you love experimenting with clothes, and immersing yourself in a more sophisticated fashion culture, head to Paris. It doesn’t just end in Paris, however. The entire country takes its cues from the Parisian style. That’s why Europe is regarded as having better fashion sense than the rest of us!

France has everything. Great food, great sights, and wonderful culture. Start packing, and find your new home and life in this magnificent country!


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