A Beginner’s Guide to Visiting Las Vegas

How can you possibly prepare for visiting one of the most amazing places in the world? Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. A neon haven of parties, music, gambling and brash glamour, Vegas is unlike any other place on earth. Here is a beginner’s guide to prepare you for the holiday of your life:


The Strip

First things first, Las Vegas is essentially one long street of flashing lights, Elvis impersonators and novelty themed ginormous hotels. The strip, as it is known, is huge at 4.2 miles long and tends to be walked down by tourists.  It’s essential that you have comfy footwear as you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. All of the big hotels look large from the outside, inside they are humongous. It’s advised to always get a map of whichever hotel you’re in so that you can quickly find where you need to be.

Choosing the Hotel

There are so many hotels in Vegas that choosing the perfect one for you can be tricky. If you’re on a budget then a hotel that’s set back from the strip slightly is a good idea and tends to be friendlier on your wallet. The three main locations tend to be strip, off strip or downtown, with a hotel located on the strip being most popular. All of the big famous hotels from the movies are on the strip front from MGM Grand to the Bellagio and New York New York. You can get good deals on some of the strip hotels depending on what time of year you book for example the Excalibur hotel is a great location and slightly cheaper alternative.


The Climate

Although this might sound obvious, be prepared for the heat. Las Vegas’ position in the desert means for extremely high temperatures in the summer months. Combine this with the huge amount of alcohol you’re probably going to consume and this leads to dehydration in no time. The humidity lasts all night long too so when heading out at night be prepared to sweat. It’s a good idea to always have a bottle of water at hand to keep you from dehydrating.

As one of the most amazing and iconic places in the world, it’s advised that you book your Vegas adventure early to save money. The Round The World Experts  have some amazing deals on tailor made Vegas experiences so you can create the perfect trip for you and enjoy the sin city in style.

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