A Brief Bit About LEGOLAND California

Planning a vacation for the entire family can be a challenge.  First, there is finding something that will be entertaining and worthwhile for the kids.  Second, there is the challenge of entertaining the adults as well.  While few places seem to do this justice, one place in particular hits it out of the park.  What we are talking about is LEGOLAND California.

LEGOLAND California pitches itself as not only another one of the many theme parks out there, but as truly unique family vacations as well. Along with the park itself, there are fantastic restaurants and of course, the LEGOLAND California resort. Let’s take a moment to see what the theme park has and whether or not it would be right for your family.


The Entry

Everything starts at the Beginning.  This is where you buy your tickets, decide on a plan for the day, and generally get into the spirit of LEGOLAND.  If any special assistance will be required, then this is the place to begin.  In addition, there is the Big Shop, a place where you can buy all of your favorite Lego related memorabilia.

Dino Island

A popular attraction, Dino Island lets you and your family explore dinosaurs and Lego together.  From giant dinosaur statues to big footprints and roller coasters, Dino Island has a lot that makes it a unique stop.

DUPLO Village

Have you ever imagined what a zoo would look like if all the animals were made out of Lego?  Well, now is your chance.  The DUPLO Village has a number of African animals to see, all life-sized and all made from Lego.  In addition, there are slides, fun activities for children, and much more.


Fun Town

Fun Town reminds adults how fun it is to be a kid.  Here, many things are scaled down to the size of a child, allowing them to see the world of adults for themselves.

Imagination Zone

Limited only by the imagination of its creators, Imagination Zone is an otherworldly part of LEGOLAND where the floors twist and odd things come to life.  From the inane to the extraordinary, Imagination Zone combines basic things into never before imagined combinations bound to delight.


Miniland USA

Every person, child or adult, dreamed at one time or another what they could do if they owned unlimited Lego.  Well, here in Miniland USA, you can see the incredible reproductions created.  Shrunk down to a scale of 1:20, take a look at seven notable areas around the United States.






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