A Trip to the Land of Magic

A country located in the south-east end of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has to its credit the best of all worlds. A congregation of 7 emirates, UAE plays host to people from an array of countries and has developed a character that has enamoured and taken the travel world by storm. Although Dubai is the most popular destination in the UAE, the country has much more to it – be it in terms of history, art or lifestyle. UAE is home to a culture that is unique and inimitable. Influenced by its geographic location, natural resources and religious backdrop, the country has created an environment of healthy competition and luxurious living – all in the beauty of its ethnic design.

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Dubai is a great place to begin your trip to the UAE. One of the most glamorous cities in the world, Dubai is akin to home away from home. The city is a world capital and caters to all nations and cuisines. The Burj Khalifa – a structure credited with being the world’s tallest building makes for a must visit. Dubai is also a shopaholic’s haven. The city has many Souks or markets that specialize in a variety of products that range from gold to spices. It is dotted with malls that seem like a maze of branded stores – each of which will leave you spoilt for choice! The Dubai Creek offers traditional Dhow rides that lend an authentic Gulf feel to your travel experience.

Abu Dhabi is another popular destination that is known as a city studded with skyscrapers. The city is home to the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an architectural wonder that also gives insights into the country’s culture. Abu Dhabi is considered an adventure capital. It is home to Ferrari World, the only such amusement park in the world that offers hair-raising rides for the adventure lovers. The city is also a great destination to experience some dune-bashing as you indulge in a desert safari – complete with a dinner and an evening filled with fun and entertainment. If you are one to take interest in the history and culture of destinations, then Sharjah makes for an excellent choice. The city has many museums that are treasures of invaluable information on an array of subjects including Islamic Civilisation, historical events, science and archeology among many others.

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UAE is a country particularly famous for its beaches. Whether you enjoy sunbathing or surfing, water sports or simply strolling along the beach, you are sure to find your match among many popular beaches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

If you are planning your first trip to the UAE, you can be sure of having picked a destination that has no parallel. Be sure to opt for travel insurance, a small investment that acts as a safeguard against a range of uncertain and unexpected events.

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