Always running late for work? These simple changes will definitely help you be on time

Do you always end up late for work? You’re no doubt always in need of fresh excuses for your tardiness. But relying on these excuses will not help enough in the long run.  Therefore, you need to address the underlying causes for not being punctual and getting organized.

These small changes might be able to help.

1. Stop watching TV series late at night:

We all know how much of a TV addict we are! And that “this is gonna be the last episode” always ends up with one more episode and it goes on… But if you want to keep up with your colleagues, then now its time to re-schedule your TV time.

P.S: You can always watch your fave shows at work, of course during your free time, that is! Otherwise, you will only end up inviting more troubles.


2. Make the most of your phone and NOT let your phone take the most of you:

Chatting, playing games, looking for aliexpress coupon, spending most of your time on social media can be very addictive. We don’t often realize it, but we end up wasting so much of our precious time on things that are not really necessary. Of course, you need to be updated with the happenings of in and around the world, your friend’s life and everything, but do not waste excess and unnecessary time finding out about your friend’s niece’s niece rather spend the same in making notes and keeping reminders.

3. Do not misplace your things:

Misplacing things-The most common reason as to why you’re always running late, not only to work but everywhere! Lost your keys? Wallet? Phone? Sunglasses? Socks? Everything? Goddammit! Why don’t you just work in the lost and found department instead? Just kidding! But seriously, this will only cause frustration and you will end up being late. It’s high time you start organizing things and keep them at a place where it is easy for you to locate and get your hands on.

4. Do not underestimate time:

If you are a tardy person, you can definitely relate to this. One of the potential reasons you’re always late is that maybe you underestimate the time it takes you to get things done. Always underestimating the time and leaving things for the last minute can be problematic and therefore needs to be fixed. Your planning skills might need some work. All you need to do is simply adjust your time frames between two or more tasks and plan the work accordingly.


5. Switch to something productive if Feeling uneasy about being early:

You don’t love waiting but you don’t mind keeping others waiting. Feeling uneasy about being early is quite normal. Most of them feel it and that’s why it is always advised to be on time, neither too early nor too late. A simple hack for this could be to switch to something productive and utilize the time to keep yourself at ease. For example, taking a walk when you’re early to the office or just going to a play station nearby to kill time. If you’re in a place where there’s nothing much for you to do in and around, then remember your phone is always to the rescue.

Adopt these simple changes in your day-to-day life and believe me, you will only see positivity flowing in your life keeping you away from tardiness.


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