Applications You Definitely Need on your iPhone in 2021

There are plenty of australian online pokies that come with an app that you can use to get easy access to their gaming on your Apple device. Other than that, the world has a plethora of applications that have been put in place to make life a lot easier one way or the other. Therefore, if you keep scrolling, you will find some of the best apps that you can have on your IPhone device to make life a lot easier for you this year.

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Marco Polo

This app takes video chatting to a whole new level. Marco Polo captures your moment in a video clip and sends it to someone, effectively transforming a live video chat into a video letter. Once the receiver of the video is ready to view your video, they will open it and respond. Marco Polo is an amazing video sending app for groups as well. The messaging method is perfect for when text chatting is really not intimate enough and engaging on live video is difficult.


This may seem like a cliché, but you definitely need to have this app on your iOS device. Though it is not an Android software, Google’s app runs smoothly on iOS devices as well. It offers all of the super-powered search Engine functionality and online casino games apps. Your Google account data is synced through, and any news or events that it believes you may be interested in are pushed to the homepage of the app.


You no longer have to through the strenuous process of having to sign up to google in order to see your private messages. Facebook Messenger is also available as an independent text chat app, allowing you to communicate with your Facebook friends along with everyone else in your contacts who downloads the application. We recommend this app because of the sheer amount of messaging that occurs on Facebook. You can now get instant pop ups on your messages and attend to them separately.

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