Are 2 Carat Diamonds Rare?

There are many variables to take into account when choosing a diamond. These are normally defined as the “four C’s“: clarity, cut, color and carat weight. However, is bigger always better? There is no doubt that large stones are truly stunning to behold. One common option can be seen in a two-carat diamond. Is this a rare size and if so, how will the price be affected?

These are very important questions if you hope to make the best choice at the right time. Let’s take a look at some basic (and perhaps surprising facts) in order to understand why a two-carat diamond could be an excellent choice.

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Size Versus Value

One common misconception is that a two-carat diamond will cost twice as much as a one-carat stone. Let’s assume that a one-carat diamond is priced at $2,000 dollars. In this case, you would expect to pay $4,000 dollars for its larger counterpart. However, this might not necessarily be the case.

Diamonds are also rated based upon the color, cut and clarity. Assuming that the two-carat stone is graded at a higher quality in terms of clarity (fewer inclusions), cut and color (some colors are rarer than others), it could actually be worth up to four times as much as a one-carat stone with the same attributes. This is why two-carat diamonds (either loose or set within a piece of jewelry) are excellent investment options.

What About Rarity?

So, are two-carat diamonds rarer than one-carat stones? In a word, yes. This arises from the simple fact that gem-grade diamonds are more difficult to find as their size and weight increases. It should likewise be obvious that the rarity of a stone will help to determine its value.

This is even more relevant when we remember that two-carat diamonds with few inclusions (such as those graded as internally flawless or very, very slightly included) are exceptionally rare to find in nature. Diamonds with hues of yellow, orange, violet, and even red are likewise much more rare to encounter. This will obviously be illustrated in their price.

Size Versus Weight

In terms of rarity, it is important to note that carat refers to the weight of the stone as opposed to its perceived size. A one-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams and a two-carat stone therefore weighs 400 milligrams (five carats equal one gram). The shape of the stone and its cut will often determine how large it appears to the naked eye. You can learn more by examining this Whiteflash 2 carat diamond ring guide.

Making a Wise Decision

Ultimately, the rarity of a two-carat diamond will be impacted by factors such as color, cut and clarity as opposed to its carat weight and perceived size alone. The best way to determine the right choice is to peruse the inventory offered by quality online diamond distributors. While size does matter, let’s remember that the rarity of any stone is determined by other important variables.

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