Awesome Careers That Should Be On Your Radar

Sometimes you know what you want to do from an early age. It may be that you have a passion for politics, architecture or you want to work with animals. For others, it’s not so easy to find a career they have a passion for. Don’t be disheartened. There’s a lot more out there than the regular 9-5 office job. You just need to be motivated, keen and work hard. And who knows, you could land a job you didn’t even know is actually the perfect fit. Whether you are sporty, creative or you want work in an altruistic environment, there are lots more options than the regular. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome careers that should be on your radar. These are also great if you are looking for a career change too.



Sometimes those that have a passion for sport and the outdoors find it harder to know what to do when picking out a career for life. But fear not, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look. Consider positions such as a dance, ski or golf instructor. To further your skills in your chosen sports field you can choose programs such as a golf course management degree or a dance teacher certification. If you want to work on the other side of the field, you can even take a sports massage therapist degree. Think outside the box if you are into sports, because there are many different opportunities out there. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!


Lots of people in school have caring qualities that make them perfect for working in an altruistic environment. You may want to consider nursing or training to become a first responder. There are also other options to explore such as a counsellor or a speech therapist. A career in speech and language therapy is a rewarding choice in the healthcare profession. Careers in this environment do require you to be registered with the HCPC and degrees can span up to four years. But if you are looking for a career that uses your skills to give care to others, options like these should certainly be considered.



If you are a creative type who loves art, design fashion and makeup, you may feel a little lost at school when deciding what you want to do. In this situation, you can think about careers involving the arts, theatre and makeup. Although they do not pay as much as high-flying careers, who knows, you may get a big break with a celebrity! Hard work, motivation and creative ideas often pay off. Makeup artists are always needed for weddings and events, movies and television. Stores such as M.A.C are also always looking for skilled individuals. There are also options to become a film or theatre set designer. If you know how to make a visual impact and are keen to work in the arts, don’t be disheartened. There are lots of ways to get an ‘in’. But just be aware that you will first need to obtain a degree such as from an artistic academy or a design institute to stand you in good stead.

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