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Backpacking beauties, meandering mavens, we know you pride yourself on your low-maintenance wandering, devotedly worshiping at the altar of the Goddess of Packing Light.  But it’s important not to forget that you’re a goddess too – and you’re going to want to be ready for that big night out when it comes around.  Redefine essentials with these must-haves for every girl-on-the-go.

A great pair of jeans – We tend to dismiss jeans as heavy, but they’re worth their weight – as long as they’re a truly great pair.  Hear me out.  A great pair of jeans makes you prepared to both get down and dirty with nature and to get down all night on the dance floor – letting you go from day to night without ever changing your pants.  They go with literally everything, as long as you’re not planning on bringing back denim-on-denim, and they don’t show dirt or stains, which we all know is key for backpacking fashion.  Dark colors are best, and a skinny jean is often the go-to day-to-night choice, but anything that is comfy and makes your butt look good is a win.


Lipstick. And mascara – Backpacking women are often barefaced beauties, and we think you’re radiant just the way you are.  After all, you’re interested, passionate, and entranced by the world, and that will make you glow faster than any bronzer.  However, nothing makes you look put together faster than a really flattering lipstick.  A bold, classic red is always a sound choice, but anything that makes you feel stunning is good.  Just try not to go too natural – the idea is look a little glammed up, without the effort of getting glammed up.  Finish with a couple coats of mascara, and suddenly you look like someone who has done laundry in the last month.

One really cute bra – and at least one pair of panties that match – Feeling sexy and confident underneath your clothes makes you feel more sexy and confident outside your clothes.  Pack that one bra that makes you feel like a bombshell, and bring along at least one pair of complimentary bottoms that you wouldn’t be embarrassed by at the doctor’s office (i.e., no stains please!)  Pop them on when you need a little, um…boost … and you’ll feel pin-up gorgeous instantaneously, and we all know that attitude goes a long way.  Plus, you never know what might happen on the road…

Costume jewelry – Conventional wanderlust wisdom says to leave your valuables and jewelry at home, and that wisdom is spot-on -which is what makes costume jewelry the way to go.  Colorful, sparkly, and too-cheap-to-steal … so you can instantly add a little glitz without having to stress about theft along the way.


Cute shoes– Yes, a pair of heels would take up way too much space.  But a good pair of flats takes up no space at all, and saves you from the moment when you look in a mirror and realize your tennis shoes suddenly look very out of place.  Try to find a cute pair that can be flattened without damage – ballet flats are great for this.  Or, if you’re in a warm, beachy climate, a nice pair of simple sandals might do the trick.  Slip them on when on your way out, and you’ll be top-to-toe glamorous – without having to get a bigger pack.

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