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It is one of the most common misconceptions in business, but just because you have advertised there is a job opening in your company, it does not mean you are going to attract the top talent. Potential employees want more than just tangible things from a new job. They want to read a job posting and look at the company and think, “wow, now that is a company I want to work for.”

It is a tricky thing to master, but master it you must if you want to attract the top talent to your company without paying them a fortune. But don’t despair too much just yet because we have come up with a list of things a company can do to attract the right candidates.

They Need To Trust You

It doesn’t matter what generation a person comes from, they all share this desire to trust the company they are applying for. They need to know that you – the employer – is going to live up to its promises and deliver them value; tailored value. Of course, this is achieved through a fair salary and attractive benefits, but it is also swayed by regular acknowledgment, praise, feedback, and independence. All of these will tick boxes in the right candidates.


They Want A Healthy Work/Life Balance

People have come to learn that a life completely dedicated to working is not only undesirable but unhealthy. They would even take less money if it allowed them a healthier balance. As such, it is imperative that you recognize this need and start going this way. You may think this is detrimental, but a lot of Scandinavian countries have moved to a six-hour working day as a means to improve productivity, and it works. Employees are more productive with their time and happier with the balance offered to them.

They Want To Achieve Their Goals

All too often company’s let themselves down by making simple tasks overly complicated or lengthy. What’s more, this is something that can be addressed simply by investing in free org chart software from Pingboard, or improving the structure of internal meetings, or improving the digital training you offer them. Top talent understands that if personal tasks are made simpler and routine tasks are made easier, then they will be able to achieve their own personal goals more effectively.

They Want To Be Part Of A Cause

One of the biggest trends to emerge from Millennial workers – who now make up the majority of the workforce – is the need to be part of something bigger than them. They want to feel like their lives have some form of worth, and this is achieved by working for a company that is associated with a philanthropic or charitable cause. It is part of the reason why some of the biggest companies have gone that way. Look at Stella Artois latest partnership with WaterAid, or Bill Gates’ lifetime goals, or Tom’s, which has built its success on donating shoes to kids that need them. If you are associated with helping society improve as a whole, you will attract top talent.

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