Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you are a business and haven’t yet switched to cloud computing, it’s about time you considered it. Many businesses have already made the switch and when you look at the benefits of cloud computing it’s easy to see why. If you still need convincing then I’ve listed below how cloud computing can help any business.


1. Provides flexibility

Cloud computing allows for bandwidth to be changed as per the demand of the organization. This is great for any business you can see their demands fluctuating.

2. Automatic software updates

Cloud computing suppliers look after the software maintenance so as a business you no longer need to spend time and money updating your software. This is also helps free up resources to do other tasks.

3. Work from anywhere

If you have a flexible workforce or would like to offer more flexibility to your working force then cloud computing allow your employees to work from anywhere they want. Happier employees also mean more productive employees, so it’s a win win.

4. Less capital

You don’t need a large capex budget in order to start. Cloud computing services are generally post pay for services, so it’s quick and easy to deploy. You also no longer need to invest in large costs for hardware and software licenses.

5.   Better security

If the hardware get’s damaged, lost or stolen then having everything on cloud computing protect all your data. However Cloud computing can also have security breaches, here is a great article that can help to make sure your business is up to scratch on Cloud security.


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