Benefits Of Offering Options For Your Customers

Humans – we like choice.

Think of a sales pitch – you get to know the client’s needs, asking the pressing questions, you know the budget. It is time to make your pitch directly towards your client.

If you name one direct price, you’re standing a chance of being turned away and sometimes, you only really get one chance to make that pitch. If you offer something that isn’t doing it for the targeted client, then you’ve blown it.

The thing is, if you can present your client with a myriad of options and choices, your chances of getting turned away grow less. It’s not just one shot anymore, it’s one shot divided into many, and that’s great for your customer. There might be something in your offered packages that works for them.

Offering choice is the best method for businesses.

As described above, if you can offer choice in your products and services, you’ll attract more customers as the wider range of services and products that you provide, the wider range of people, and budgets, you’ll attract. It’s easy – if someone comes into your shop with ten dollars, they can’t afford your twenty dollar products, and they will walk away. Hopefully, they might come back with twenty dollars, but they might find a competitor who can offer a like-for-like product at a lower price, possibly for even the ten dollars they have right now. This doesn’t happen if you have a range of products at different price points and despite offering more and needing more storage space for your goods, you’ll attract more custom as you’ll be opening up your store to more than just the niche market who come for the twenty dollar goods!

Payment options are also a great idea. While some may see contactless payments, NFC registers and registers that accept internet banking options like Paypal and Bitcoin as a needless expense, it’s a wise idea to give your customers as many payment options as possible – because you could secure a sale just because of them! If someone has no cash, but money stored in their PayPal account, they can pay for their goods instead of walking away.

Financing also presents a great option if you present premium products. Let’s go back to the ten dollar guy. If he walks into your store and can’t afford your goods, he isn’t going to buy them. However, if you can offer consumer financing for the thirty dollar goods and above, he can pay his ten dollars a week over three weeks and go home happy. Of course, it’s a simple example but offering payment options and finance options is going to work for your business as you’ll be selling more and even adding interest on top of an initial sale.

Options go for customer service as well. If you’ve just got a single customer hotline, it could get overwhelmed. If you offer social media support, email support or even a website FAQ you’ll be diverting customers away from the hotline – ideally solving their issues – and giving yourself more breathing room as well as giving your customers plenty of ways to get their voices heard.

Options, they really do it all for our businesses!

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