Benefits of Working from Home

It’s becoming an increasingly popular trend for companies to offer employees the ability to work from home. If you are lucky enough to work for a company that offers this to staff, I highly suggest taking advantage of this opportunity and here’s why.

1. You no longer have to deal with that dreaded commute to work. When working from home, getting to work can be as simple as stepping out of the shower, pouring your morning coffee and taking a small stroll over to your home office or desk. Not only does this take out what is normally a very stressful part of the day but you also save a lot of money in transportation costs. Think of all the money you will save if you are no longer paying for car maintenance costs, petrol, parking etc. This doesn’t mean you should skip on car insurance, though, it just means you can save on the bonus of reduced driving expenses. If you don’t have car insurance, I suggest you check out Youi insurance for their great policies.


2. Now that you have removed the long commute to work, also think of all the time you will save during the week. Sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus can be a huge time suck to our daily life. Freeing up that time could ultimately save hours during the week giving you space to take up a new hobby, perhaps read some more books or spend some quality time with your family.

3. Work becomes a very comfy place. Let’s face it, corporate clothes aren’t exactly the most comfortable things to wear. Working from home means you can pick the outfit of your choice, including your pyjamas if that’s what takes your fancy for the day. This as well turns into cost savings as you no longer need to have two separate wardrobes of corporate clothes and then your casual everyday clothes.


4. You can cook delicious, nutritious meals every day for lunch. A lot of us don’t eat healthy at work because we don’t plan appropriately. Being at home means we have the time to make something nutritious and delicious on a daily basis with our very kitchen right there. Just like transportation and clothing think of all the money this will save too. No longer are you purchasing expensive coffees and lunches every day.

5. You can remove negative office people and politics from your life. Working from home means you get to remove all the negative energy that can come from working in an office environment. You have the ability to control and create a happy work space for yourself, ultimately leading to improved productivity and a more enjoyable working experience.

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