Best Bungee Jumping Locations Around the World

I love bungee jumping, there’s nothing quite like it – jumping off a bridge and plummeting towards the water quickly. In a few seconds your body is flooded with adrenalin. There are a few ways you can choose to jump – facing forward, facing backwards or even “dipping” so that a little of your head touches the water, if there is water below. Bungee jumping was originally invented in New Zealand but has spread across the world, allowing thrill- seekers in every corner of the globe to get in on the heart pumping action. Here are some of the most impressive bungee jumping locations in the world:

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jump at Chania, Crete, Greece

Crete is widely regarded as an ideal destination for those of us seeking an adventurous holiday with Expedia recommending it for its plethora of adrenaline fuelled sports on offer. Chania is the second largest bridge in Europe and offers any adrenalin junkie a fix. Aradaina bridge is 138 meters high, and the bridge has been in operation for bungee jumps for over 15 years. The company that operates here has a great safety record and all the necessary documentation to ensure a safe jump. The views here at this bridge are breath-taking and ensure some great photo opportunities.

Bungee Jump at AJ Hackett Bungy. New Zealand:

Where better to enjoy this fun experience, than where bungee jumping was first created? Here in the beautiful Queenstown, which is located in the South island of New Zealand, there are some absolutely striking views as you walk out onto the bungee platform. New Zealand has some of the most famous scenery around the world and what better way to experience it than by jumping towards it?

Bungee Jumping, Master Jump

Bungee Jump at Arkansas River, USA:

This is a suspended bridge which is one of the most popular bungee destinations in the world. It’s high and has incredible sweeping views, including over the Royal Gorge Route Railway. The bridge held the title for highest bridge in the world from 1929 right through to 2001. There’s also a wooden plank-way for a terrifying and breath-taking walk across the river.

Bungee Jump at Victoria Falls, Zambia:

This bungee jump is from Victoria Falls Bridge which is over the Zambezi River, connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe together. It is unsurprising that bungee enthusiasts decided they wanted to jump off this bridge. The beautiful and world-famous falls make a stunning backdrop as you take the plunge. This is a very unique way to experience these spraying falls.

This is my list of the top bungee jump destinations in the world. Have you jumped anywhere special? Let us know in the comments below.


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