Best Crystals & Stones For Manifesting Abundance & Good Luck (And How to Use Them)

A crystal or stone can represent your intention to bring abundance and luck into your life. Some materials have long standing associations akin to the traits associated with the zodiac signs in a daily horoscope. If you want to attract more opportunities in terms of your career, finances or relationships and improve your luck, here are the best stones to use during a psychic reading or meditation session.

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Crystals & Stones for Manifesting Abundance

Several green crystals and stones are commonly used to represent abundant conditions, such as amazonite, aventurine, emerald, jade and malachite. Compare the appearance and energetic properties of these materials or ask a specialist in crystals for recommendations during a California Psychics tarot card reading.

Some gemstones are associated with specific forms of abundance. Malachite is a popular choice for abundant funds that is often stored with money. For abundant love, the stone aventurine is a common selection, but some seekers also appreciate the heart orientation of rose quartz. Citrine is associated with personal success and understood to be capable of clearing itself of negative energy and reinforcing positive energy while supporting balance and providing grounding.

The Luckiest Crystals & Stones

Some of the same stones associated with abundance are also leading choices for general good luck. Amazonite, aventurine, citrine and rose quartz are all associated with bringing luck, and may have additional associations with areas of life such as career, finances or relationships.

Other stones used to represent luck include carnelian, malachite, moldavite, peridot and tigers eye. Any stone you select, cleanse, charge and program for the purposes of bringing luck has the potential to be effective. Crystals and stones can serve to remind the people who use them to be open to new opportunities, which is an important part of accepting luck into your life.

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How To Manifest With Crystals & Stones

Manifestation is a process that starts with a clear declaration of intent. It is important to zero in on what you want, when you want to realize this stated aim and the reason why the subject of a manifestation is important to you. After cleansing a crystal or stone with water, sound or smoke and charging the material with sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours, you are ready to declare your intent.

Hold the gemstone you intend to use and think of your intention. You may call upon the highest energies and your highest self when clarifying what you want the stone to manifest. Seekers who are new to manifestation often find it beneficial to write out a goal and place a stone or crystal on the paper. Depending on the shape and size of the material, you may carry a crystal or stone with you, wear it as jewelry or keep it in your personal space.

Any crystals or stones can increase your openness to opportunities for abundance and sense of good luck. You may want to learn more about the history and cultural significance of particular crystals and stones or simply select materials that appeal to you for the purpose of manifestation.

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