Best Female Video Game Protagonists 

Video games have been loved ever since the time that they stepped into the scenes. Be it they are gothic, romantic, action, thriller and even horror. An online casino real money usa player will always be able to find the type of video game that they want to play. However today, we want to take a look at some of the best female heroes that you will come across in video games.

Leading Female Video Game Heroes

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Guerrilla also sees Aloy as a "PlayStation icon", hopes  to tell a "number of stories" in its world | Stevivor

Aloy- Horizon: Zero Dawn

Aloy is one of the best female leads that you will ever come across in video games. She is born into an ecosystem of robot dinosaurs, one that will literally blow your mind away. But despite this fact, when adventure calls, she is one who is ready to answer the call as she takes on an extraordinary journey into the wilderness one that helps her to not only fight battles but to discover herself in the picture as well.

Alyx- Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life is one of the most popular video game franchises that you will come across as you play video games. And in the previous versions of the games, we are sure that you may have come across Alyx who played a supporting role. However, in Half-Life: Alyx, players get to play the game from her point of view.


From its inception in 1987, the Metroid game franchise has managed to capture the hearts of many. It is almost as popular as online pokies Australia games, to be honest. And within this game series, there has been one female lead Samus Aran who has managed to give all the video players a run for their money. She is a bounty hunter in a high-tech metal suit and she is also one of the best characters that you will be able to come across in the game series.

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