Best Food in Europe – Where Foodies Should Go

One of the best things about traveling is trying new food. It’s a great way to see a little more of a new culture and of course to try a range of different flavours. It would be a shame to travel somewhere and to not indulge in the best local dishes. It can be hard to know what to try before you visit. It can also be hard choosing when to visit a place. Of course, weather and costs will influence your decision, but if you can time a trip with a local food festival – why not?

From delicious Vepro Knedlo Zelo in the Czech Republic to Crepes in France, there are ample delicious cuisines to try in Europe. But figuring out where to start, that can be the biggest hurdle!

I’m always looking for new apps, websites or tools to help me plan my travels better. Recently I stumbled across this great Infographic that shows the most popular dishes in certain countries in Europe, the best street food dish as well as costs and when to visit for the local food festival. What more could you want? If you’re thinking of traveling around Europe or already got something in the pipelines, why not explore this infographic and get inspired:


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