Best gadgets and tools for a mobile office

With technology these days there is no need to have to work in an office day in and day out. You can quite easily create a mobile office with a few different gadgets and tools making it easy to take your work with you anywhere you go. So if you would prefer working from a café or beachside restaurant here are some of the best gadgets and tools to get.


Mobile broadband

It’s pretty difficult to get any work done if you don’t have interne and e-mails. t Not all cafes have wifi either so it’s important to ensure you can get on the internet. You can easily connect your laptop or tablet to the internet by either hotspot on your smartphone or even a mobile plug in device. For some great mobile broadband deals visit iiNet. Once you can connect device to the internet you can take your office anywhere you would like to go.

A slim laptop or tablet

You don’t need to lug around a large chunky laptop in order to get things done. These days there are some great slimline laptops, like the Macbook Air that are super lightweight and easily portable. If you want to get rid of the laptop all together then invest in a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. Whilst a tablet doesn’t have the range of functionality a laptop does you can still do a large chunk of your work on them.


A portable power pack

You can get some great portable power pack chargers that will come in handy for your laptop, tablets and phone. Get one that either plugs in at home or into your car to charge and then you can use it anywhere you go. Guaranteed you will find good for this on a daily basis. There is nothing worse than your electronics dying on you just when you need them the most.

Cloud based work management tools

There are some great cloud based tools and apps that you can run across all your devices so you have access to your work and to do lists all the time. For document storage Google docs or Dropbox are great options. My personal favourite tool is Evernote, where you can take notes, write to do lists, clip your favourite online articles and much more. Once the app is downloaded on all your devices you can access the content anywhere you go.




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