Best Jobs to Travel With

For many the dream is to find a balance between exploring this wonderful world and earning a living. When we set off on our OE (overseas experience) usually it results in living on a tight budget, skimping and saving, and coming back home and starting from scratch. If you combine work and travel you can stretch out your adventures for longer and maybe even come back with a decent stack of cash. If you’re bored of your current life and longing for an adventure, consider this fun and interesting jobs overseas:

Working on the Mountain

Whether you’re an expert skier or a beginner boarder, working on the mountain is a great option for you. You can work in the ski school teaching beginner skiers how to navigate the slopes. If you’re not so proficient on the mountain, you can work in the various shops on site, from the restaurants to the gear hire shops – there are a few options and they will vary depending on the particular place you’re looking at. If you’re interested in any of the following countries, you should be able to find winter seasonal work relatively easily: Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, France and America.


Being an Au Pair
Often thought of as “just a job for the girls”, men can au pair too! Obviously you’re going to have to like children and it certainly helps if you have a bit of energy, too. While the pay isn’t exceptional (unless you hit some of the more expensive countries in Europe like Norway, Switzerland and Sweden) you do have the added bonus of being able to relocate to a whole new country with very little effort on your side.

Working in a Hostel

Okay, so this probably isn’t your dream career but it can be a lot of fun for the time being. You’ll meet a bunch of people, so many people you might actually find yourself a little tired of meeting so many people. You’ll have your room covered and probably be paid a little extra, depending on your working arrangement and the hours you work. Totally a great option if you fall in love with a city and can’t force yourself to leave.
Working in a Bar
Bar stuff are in hot demand in almost every modern city in the world and that makes it a really easy way to find a job. Most jobs in hospo tend to have a fast turnover, which can be used to your advantage. Working in a bar is a great way to maintain a social life while getting paid and you don’t need a comprehensive understanding of the local language to serve drinks – bonus.

Whatever you choose to do for employment, working overseas is a great way to fund your travels. If you want the best of all worlds, why not consider freelancing while traveling to make a living on the road.

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