Best Place To Live And Top Places To Avoid In Maui

Maui in Hawaii is one of the "jewels of the Pacific." A tranquil landscape is full of charm. However, even
if Maui is like a paradise, the island is not in absolute perfection. Like your local place today, there are safe areas, and dangerous places to avoid in Maui.

Albeit on a usual smaller scale of risks than the other famous tourist destinations in the world, these social ills are still not right and affects the integrity of the fantastic place and culture.

Moreover, criminal activities, domestic abuse, substance abuse, and other crime issues are also present in Maui. These issues happen in different proportions in Maui depending on the place you happen to visit. Always think that potentials risks like a car accident can happen as well, which you should have a car accident lawyer in Maui.

Hence, take note of these top five safest and most dangerous places in Maui.


Safe Places in Maui

1. Wailea
A place of the middle-class residential complex, hotels, and shops. The town is one of the safe places in Maui. A well-managed place, with quite a few residents and business persons that are vigilant of watching for suspicious activity at all times. The most recommended place to visit, stay, and live day or night.

2. Haleakala National Park
It lies in thousands of feet above sea level; the national park is under the protection of the United States park rangers. A great and fun place to explore with the family. When you reach the summit of Mount Haleakala that stands over 10,000 feet above sea level resembles a Martian desert landscape.

3. Kamaole Beach Park III
A fantastic beach and park area that lies at the end of Kihei. Families flock here for parties and get-togethers. Intrinsically, people watch out not only for themselves but as well as their picnic neighbors. It creates a fabulous family-friendly atmosphere that encourages you to get to know everyone around you.

4. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center
The shopping hub of Maui. Famous for its second level open-air mall that is a sanctuary of a variety of stores with security guards that patrol regularly. However, the store is not immune to occasional shoplifter or brawl, but these occurrences are relatively rare.

5. The Iao Valley
Like Haleakala National Park, the Iao Valley is a famous tourist attraction for first-time visitors and long-time residents alike. It has a relaxing atmosphere with visitors to have a fun and safe time. You may do hiking along the path to take photos or dip yourself into the fresh mountain water of Iao Stream.

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Areas to Avoid in Maui

1. Happy Valley
Ironically, Happy Valley is not happy at all. The people know the place as one of the most dangerous places and a haven of criminals in Maui. An economically depressed area, Happy Valley is well known for its rabid illicit activities such as drug-dealing, prostitution, gang-related crimes, and violence that leads to deaths. There really should be no reason for you to take a trip to Happy Valley. If it happens you take a wrong turn, make a U-turn at Takamia Market and go back the way you came.

2. Pakuz
About half of the size of Happy Valley is a suburb of Wailuku Town, just off of Lower Main street. A place is known for its low income and drug activities. Be careful because you may mistakenly think this area is a sanctuary of beautiful beaches because of its proximity to the ocean, but it doesn’t. The beach around Pakuz has dangerous, powerful undercurrents.

3. Lower Main Street/Wailuku Industrial Area, Wailuku
It lies just above Pakuz is not so much a dangerous area as a seedy one. A sanctuary of businesses of hostess bars. These are establishments that typically charge a premium for their drinks in exchange for female companionship. Do not drive in this area between the hours of 10PM-6AM because drunk drivers are prevalent in this place.

4. Waiehu
Waiehu is accessible by passing through Happy Valley or between Pakuz and Lower Main. It is another town that is a home of low-income earners. A pace is known for drug dealing and domestic violence.

5. Harbor Lights
A condo complex located between Maui College and Kahului Harbor. It is known for drug activity and prostitution. Confrontations and violence occasionally happen in this place.

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