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A car means freedom, but a luxury car means more than freedom: it means social status, it means class, it means that your finances are good, it means that you have great taste, and, ultimately, it means that you like living life at its finest. Any sport cars aficionado out there will always agree to this and if you are among them, then you will definitely want to check out this list of some of the best sport cars for the year.


Jaguar F-Type R 

Well, if you want a car that is extremely, extremely fast on the track but lacks the other great features of a luxury sport car, then the Jaguar F-Type R is not for you. Of course, it will be very fast on the track as well, but what makes it truly sensational is precisely its design. Edgy, slightly feminine but masculine at the same time, angry and perfectly balanced, the exterior of this Jaguar is to never be forgotten. The interior, however, will be that which will definitely amaze you with its high-tech gadgets, stylish design and extreme comfort. As for the engine itself, most of these Jaguars come with a supercharged V6 engine, but for those who need a bit more power on the track you can also look into F-Type S or F-Type V8 S (which is the speediest version of this car).


Audi R8

Audi is a high-class German car brand even when you are not looking at luxury cars, but if you take a look at Audi R8, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised. With a slightly exotic design on the outside and with a classy and elegant design on the inside that will be able to accommodate two people in perfect comfort, Audi R8 is also considered to be among the best sport cars out there. The standard car comes with a V8 engine, but for those looking into even more power than that there are also the V10 and the V10 Plus models available out there. Good handling, comfortable and “serious”, this car can make for a great choice for any sport car aficionado who likes some good old German sturdiness in his car.


Scion FR-S

If you are looking into sport cars that are more affordable (much more affordable than the above mentioned ones, actually) then Scion FR-S may bring you with the perfect combination of good features and great price. This car is considered to be fairly good when it comes to the handling and people who have tested it agree on the fact that the car did give them with the necessary level of satisfaction when driving. With a 4-cylinder engine that seems to be doing quite well and with an automatic 6 speed box that responds very well in sports mode, this car can be a good investment long-term as well.

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